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How to Find the Best Loadout for EVERY Warzone Weapon – June 2021

Want to find the best loadout for your Warzone weapon of choice? We’ve got you covered!

Warzone is a game with an ever-changing meta, so it’s hard to pin down the definitive ‘best’ loadout for any given gun. That said, there are always loadouts that are more effective than others, and it pays to know what they are.

For example, right now this is the best Warzone loadout in June, according to none other than Warzone analyst JGOD. But when it comes to super popular weapons like the ones in that class guide, finding the right build is easy.

However, when a new update drops or a weapon is introduced into Warzone, finding the ideal loadout can prove tricky. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to see which class is right for you.

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Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

Using this site, players can find the most popular weapons in Warzone, and their best loadouts, with ease.

If you ever want to see what the current Warzone meta is like, there’s an easy way to do it. WZRanked is a site containing a series of in-game stats, including the most popular weapons in Warzone.

Here, players can check out the Warzone loadout meta, and see which weapons are the most popular right now.

As an example, it looks as though the Kar98k is still the most popular weapon in Warzone right now, with a 12.2% pick ratio this week. It’s interesting that the actual best sniper in Warzone is much lower down the pick rate list!

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WZRanked Most Popular Meta Weapons in Warzone
(Source: WZRanked)

The CR-56 AMAX is currently in second place, but we can see that the gun’s K/D ratio is 1.26 – the highest of all the game’s weapons.

This is just one of the reasons why experts believe the AMAX needs a third nerf in the near future.

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The Best Loadout for Any Warzone Weapon

Through WZRanked, we can also find the best loadout for any Warzone weapon! Simply clicking on a gun will take players to a separate page where they can compare the most popular attachments for their weapon of choice.

Here, the site can display not only a loadout’s pick rate but also its overall K/D Ratio. And so, we can see that the most popular build isn’t always the one that nets the most kills!

That said, an unpopular build having a high K/D likely means that the player racking up kills with that loadout is particularly skilled. If the most popular variant has a high rate of success, it’s likely easier to use and a good option for you.

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WZRanked Best AMAX Attachments
(Source: WZRanked)

After Warzone’s recent optic changes in its latest update, you’ll want to adjust your classes accordingly! Thankfully, we hear there’s a good site to see what optics are your best options…

But be sure to turn this Warzone setting OFF immediately, as many players are discovering it leads to inaccurate aiming.

And interestingly, this new overpowered Warzone weapon isn’t found on WZRanked at all!

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