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The Archon: How to Get the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon

Here is how to get the powerful Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon in The Archon Vanguard Zombies map!

The Archon is perhaps the most challenging Vanguard Zombies map to date. Thankfully, the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon is back to help players survive the onslaught.

But obtaining is no easy feat. Here’s everything you’ll need to do to get the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon for yourself in COD Zombies.

Decimator Shield The Archon

Where to Find Cursed Items Locations for Decimator Shield

Here is every step you need to complete to obtain the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon:

  • The first step is to complete the ritual in The Archon. This is done by activating Pack-a-Punch.
  • Once you’ve completed the ritual, a podium will appear right in front of the Pack-a-Punch. Interact with the podium.
  • This will trigger an event, and Kortifex will appear.
  • Eventually, a Dark Aether portal will appear near the podium.
Podium and Portal The Archon
  • Wait for the dialogue to finish, and you’ll be able to interact with the portal.
  • This will transport you to an area with Kortifex.
  • Survive in this area until you suddenly get knocked down. This doesn’t mean that you’ve failed the mission!
  • This will transport you to the ritual area again. From here, you’ll need to head to the northmost part of the map in the Debris Field.
  • You’ll need to shoot crystals in order for an orb to appear. There are two possible locations.
  • From the Obelisk, face northwest towards the wall. You should see some crystals that are lightly smoking. You’ll need to shoot them.
Crystal Decimator Shield The Archon
  • If that one doesn’t react, then head towards where you found the second part of the Pack-a-Punch. From here, turn around to face the northwestern side of the Debris Field. The crystals will be on the ledge smoking.
Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon
  • Once you hit the right one an orb will appear. Follow it, and you’ll hear some dialogue about gathering items.
  • From here, you’ll need to gather three cursed items, and you’ll need to carry them back into the Obelisk.

Be careful because each time you pick up a cursed item, you’ll be unable to run or aim. You can only use hip fire.

Each Cursed Item will also automatically trigger a debuff while you’re holding it. These debuffs include:

  • No health regeneration
  • Damaging zombies drain points
  • Inability to reload
  • Only being able to heal while going prone
Cursed Items The Archon

Cursed Skull Location

The Cursed Skull will be in the Bazaar location.

  • The Cursed Skull can be found in the Bazaar location near the Diabolical Damage Fountain.
  • From the fountain, head straight into the small dark room.
  • You’ll find the Cursed Skull on the ledge inside.
Cursed Skull

Cursed Femur Location

The Cursed Femur will be in the Debris Field location.

  • In the Debris Field, you’ll find a Shovel on the wall north of the Obelisk.
  • Head to the Derailment location where you originally found the first Pack-a-Punch piece.
  • Near the corner of the map, by the train container, you’ll see a Dig Site.
  • Use the shovel on the Dig Site, and it will reveal the Cursed Femur.
Cursed Femur

Cursed Officer Hat Location

The Cursed Officer Hat will be in the Tent location.

  • Make your way to the Pack-a-Punch location.
  • Head west to the exit directly across from the Pack-a-Punch.
  • Take a right and continue straight until you see an opening on your left, just past the palm tree.
  • The Cursed Officer Hat will be inside the tent on your left.
Cursed Officers Hat The Archon

Once you’ve delivered all of the cursed items to the Obelisk, the Decimator Shield will be freed from the crystals in the entrance of Debris Field to the east.

Just walk up to it and interact to place it in your inventory.

You’ll want to have the Decimator Shield in your inventory if you’re hoping to complete The Archon’s Main Easter Egg and face off against the final boss.

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