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The Archon: How to Find & Use the Pack-a-Punch Guide

Here is how to easily find the Pack-a-Punch in the final Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies map, The Archon.

The Archon is the second Vanguard Zombies map to include the original round-based formula, which means that players will be able to Pack-a-Punch their weapons to help their survival odds.

But players will need to obtain all the Pack-a-Punch machine parts first. Here is where to find them all.

Pack a Punch The Archon

Where to Find Pack-a-Punch Machine Part Locations in The Archon

Players will be able to find the Pack-a-Punch machine parts in Derailment and The Spike locations on The Archon map.

Here are all the steps you’ll need to complete to obtain the Pack-a-Punch machine:

  • Obtain the Machine Part in Derailment. You’ll find it sitting on top of an overturned train container.
The Archon Derailment
  • Head to The Spike location in The Archon and grab the second machine part. You’ll see it on top of a crashed airplane on the northeastern wing.
The Archon The Spike
  • It’s worth noting that when you first load into The Archon, you’ll be able to see the two machine parts as points of interest on your screen.
    • It will take quite a bit of points to reach both locations, so we recommend building up points for at least 6-7 Rounds and then heading to their locations.
The Archon Pack a Punch Map

How to Use Pack-a-Punch in The Archon

  • To use the Pack-a-Punch in The Archon, make sure you have collected both machine parts first (walkthrough above).
  • Once you have both machine parts, head to Merchant Road and interact with the spectral Pack-a-Punch.
The Archon Pack-A-Punch Machine & Ritual
  • This will activate a ritual to reforge the machine.
  • Once the ritual is active, players will need to kill zombies and collect their souls near the Pack-a-Punch.
    • The souls will automatically head into the Pack-a-Punch if you kill zombies in range.
    • You will need around 10 souls for the ritual to be complete.
  • Once you complete the ritual, you will have access to the Pack-a-Punch machine!

Now simply approach it and interact with it.

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The Pack-a-Punch machine will allow you to upgrade your weapon a total of three times.

Pack-a-Punch Cost in The Archon:

  • Pack-a-Punch: 5,000 Points
  • Pack-a-Punch II: 15,000 Points
  • Pack-a-Punch III: 30,000 Points

After you obtain the Pack-a-Punch, you’ll see a podium appear in the middle of the map, right in front of the machine. This podium will allow you to continue The Archon’s Main Easter Egg!

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