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The 7 Most Important Changes Warzone Needs in 2022

The Pacific update has shaken up a lot of things in the popular battle royale. But there are a lot of things Warzone still needs to be a fun experience for the players in 2022.

The Warzone Pacific has brought a lot of changes to the game. Along with the Pacific Season 1 commencement, Warzone also integrated with Vanguard, the latest Call of Duty title.

As a result, Vanguard weapons made their way into the game as well and now the players feel it’s almost impossible to keep up with the Warzone weapons meta.

However, this issue isn’t the cream of the crop and there are still a lot of things missing from Warzone, which the players would love to see going into 2022.

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call of duty warzone 2022 important updates

7 Changes Warzone Pacific Needs in 2022

FOV Slider for Consoles

It makes sense to start with the biggest issue plaguing the console players in Warzone. Despite the players’ constant demands, console players are still limited to 80 FOV. On the other hand, the PC players can slide their FOV all the way up to 120.

This gives a huge advantage to the PC players as they can see more things on their game’s screen as compared to the console players. So much for a level playing field!

While Raven Software has responded about the FOV Slider in Warzone for consoles, there’s still no date set for when it might happen.

warzone fov slider for consoles

Verdansk Back in the Playlist

With Caldera making its way into the game with the Pacific update, players bid farewell to the classic map Verdansk. Even though it’s only been a few weeks since Caldera’s addition, Warzone players are already demanding the return of Verdansk.

The community believes that the players should decide which map they want to queue to play. And the decisions regarding the map in the game should be handled by a dedicated team.

Curious to see how Caldera fares versus Verdansk? Check out Warzone Pacific: Caldera vs Verdansk Map Comparison

warzone verdansk map return in 2022

Stability and Performance Update for Next-gen Consoles

While the game has been crashing frequently on all platforms, once again console players are suffering more. Ever since the Pacific update, the player crash reports have gone up dramatically.

Many in the community point towards a fix by disabling 120Hz. But players are reporting their game crashing despite playing on 60Hz.

Further, the players can’t make the best of their next-gen consoles as the game does not hit 120 FPS. The issue is so widespread that many Warzone players are quitting because of glitches in Caldera.

But maybe the best Warzone Pacific graphic settings for better FPS and performance might help you get the boost you desire.

warzone stability fixes in 2022

Footsteps and Audio Fix

It’s not a surprise that there are audio issues in Warzone and that they have carried over in the new map as well. Many streamers have lashed out on their live streams regarding the same.

Every now and then, players might hear footsteps coming from a distance but in reality, that player is usually closer or right up on their face.

Aside from this, there are many environmental audio issues present in Caldera. While Raven Software has officially addressed these Warzone audio issues, it would be best to fix them on a priority basis in 2022.

warzone fix audio and foosteps issues

Remove Auto Aim From Fighter Planes

The fighter planes and attack helicopters have returned to the battle royale with the Warzone Pacific update. However, a big nerf was made to their HP to ensure they don’t run rampant over the skies of Caldera.

But the fighter planes still enable players to lock on to enemy players while shooting from the skies, essentially turning the plane into an aimbot sentry gun.

As a result, Warzone players are winning matches by flying a plane for the entire match. So much for needing a gun to frag in Caldera!

warzone pacific fighter planes auto aim

Better In-Game Events in Warzone 2022

There’s no denying that Raven Software keeps the fans entertained with constant in-game events. However, the Caldera events are creating more problems for players rather than being a fun experience.

Warzone players hate the constant fire sales and public events in Caldera and feel these events ruin their chances of winning the battle royale matches.

On top of this, the mythical Christmas monster has been running wild in Caldera, ruining most players’ matches. As a result, Warzone players are demanding for Krampus to be removed even after the nerf.

krampus christmas monster

Permanent Rebirth Island Trios and Quads

Most Warzone players want to queue up for a quick match and Rebirth Island has shot up in popularity due to the same. The map also provides for a quick getaway from the cheaters plaguing the main Caldera map.

While Rebirth Island is back in the playlists, players want it as a permanent mode. And not be limited to playing the map as Duos or Resurgence mode.

On top of this, many Warzone players believe that Rebirth Island is better than Caldera as it allows for faster-paced gameplay that Warzone has made a name for.

rebirth island

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Whether Raven Software decides to make these things a part of Warzone in 2022 remains to be seen. However, Warzone fans want Raven Software replaced by a new developer.

Also, there’s a game-breaking glitch in Caldera which is letting players camp under the map. Not even 2 Riot Shields can save you from this in Caldera.

Finally, if you want to increase your chances of survival in Warzone, you need a good early game. Make sure you drop in the best loot locations in Caldera to quickly load up on the best ground loot.

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Friday 21st of January 2022

You forgot to mention anything about the load out changes. The game has fundamentally changed the game by taking out / delaying the load out.

War zone was different than all other brs with the factor to get a quick load out and full send. Now the devs have nerfed the load out for the bots. If people really want to play with ground loot, pub g is better than warzone.

Mark these words, if cod doesn’t change the load out situation. It will never reach the success it had while having the load out original set up when the game first came out.

Also, never mentioned another big issue. Hackers.