While fans are seemingly loving Hogwarts Legacy on the whole, they have a number of issues with the game including a lack of things to do in Hogwarts, underwhelming NPC interactions, and visual issues.

Here is a breakdown of everything fans have issue with in Hogwarts Legacy:

Companions Need More to Do

Hogwarts Legacy features a number of companions that were given the spotlight multiple times prior to launch. In the early chapters of the game, these companions feature a lot in your journey.

However, fans believe that they’re severely underutilized, and that Hogwarts Legacy would be so much better if they were able to explore with you more.

With numerous quests in the beginning, such as the Crossed Wands Duelling Club, allowing you to bring a friend along for the ride, fans maybe expected them to appear far more often throughout.

Some companions will even mention that if you ever want to spend time with them again, you can. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to do that outside of scripted events.

the player character and Poppy Sweeting talking to a Centaur in Hogwarts Legacy

There Is Nothing to Do Around Hogwarts

While exploring Hogwarts has delighted fans, many believe that there should be more to do around the school.

Players have lamented the lack of mini-games akin to games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They wish that there were more fun side activities available around Hogwarts.

Of course, there are plenty of side quests and challenges to complete in Hogwarts Legacy that take you all across the open world.

However, some feel that activities such as the Crossed Wands Duelling Club, Summoner’s Court and classes shouldn’t have been tied to the main quest. Instead, they should be available to do as side content at any time.

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the Central Hall in Hogwarts Legacy

Visual Issues

There are a number of visual issues in Hogwarts Legacy that fans have picked up on including the poor rain quality and the bright light effect that happens whenever you enter your Vivarium.

Fans can expect to see rain and other weather effects while exploring Hogwarts and the surrounding areas.

However, many have been quick to point out that these weather effects pale in comparison to those seen in the ASMR videos released prior to launch.

a thunderstorm in Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy

Lack of NPC Interactions

While you can’t fire spells at your fellow classmates – but can strangely throw cats around the school – fans were still dismayed to discover that there’s few ways to interact with NPCs.

Many cite the greeting mechanic from Red Dead Redemption 2 as a prime example of how the player should be able to interact with NPCs. Unfortunately, as much as players wish it to be in Hogwarts Legacy, it is an entirely absent feature.

Of course, very few actually want to fling the unforgivable curses at their friends. However, a way to properly interact with the hundreds of NPCs that fill Hogwarts Legacy’s enormous world wouldn’t go unappreciated.

the issue of the player character being unable to interact with NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy

The Ability to See Which Items of Clothing You’ve Already Unlocked

The inability to see whether or not you’ve already unlocked the appearance of an item of clothing you’re purchasing is a big issue for many Hogwarts Legacy fans.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can change the appearance of the clothing you equip but still keep the stat boost thanks to the game’s transmog system.

However, due to the sheer number of clothing options in the game, it becomes difficult to keep track of which styles you already own and which you’re yet to unlock.

While there are plenty of ways to earn money fast in Hogwarts Legacy, it is still an inconvenience to have to buy every item of clothing just in case you don’t own it’s style.

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