Looking for the very best weapons to use in Splatoon 3? We’ve got a full breakdown of the best of the best here.

Splatoon 3 boasts 54 main weapons for fans to get to grips with. But with so many guns, umbrellas, brushes and more available, it’s hard to know which ones are worth picking.

Thankfully, Splatoon 3 lets players try before they buy, by pressing the Y button on a weapon in the Ammo Knights shop. At the end of the day, it’s best to choose a weapon that fits your playstyle, rather than reading too much into the current meta.

But if you’re looking to take advantage of Splatoon 3’s best weapons, we’re here to give you some much-needed guidance as to what’s worth using in-game.

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What Are Splatoon 3’s Best Weapons

In no particular order, Splatoon 3’s best weapons are:

  • Dualie Squelchers
  • N-ZAP ’85
  • Slosher
  • Splattershot

These weapons are seen by the players to be a cut above the rest and for good reasons.

Dualie Squelchers

The Dualie Squelchers are the best Dualies that Splatoon 3 has to offer. The reason for this is that the powerful weapons have the best dodge roll in the game, with next to no delay between uses.

Dualie Squelchers Splatoon 3

What’s more, as you zip around the stage, you’ll be able to splat enemies almost instantly at close range thanks to the weapons’ superior firepower.

The Dualie Squelchers also have an excellent kit, with the Splat Bomb and Wave Breaker to force enemies to run straight into your waiting ink blasts.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Dualies – one of Splatoon 3’s best weapon classes.

N-ZAP ’85

Splatoon 2 players might remember the power of the N-ZAP and it’s just as strong in Splatoon 3! The rapid-fire blaster is every bit as good at laying down ink as it is at splatting enemies.

NZAP Splatoon 3 Best Weapon

Get up close and personal and the N-ZAP ’85 will take down an enemy before they know what hit them. But the gun is also excellent at medium range, making it a great all-rounder with few weaknesses.

As for its kit, its Sub Weapon is the Suction Bomb, a powerful tool that forces enemies to move. And with Splatoon 3’s new Tacticooler as its Special, you can boost the abilities of your entire team with refreshing drinks mid-game!

It’s no surprise that a lot of players seem to be opting for the N-ZAP in Splatoon 3 so far.


The Slosher, known to some simply as the bucket, is a large bucket of ink that players can quickly throw over a given area. The weapon has some huge advantages in Splatoon 3 as it’s able to coat a given area in seconds and can be thrown over ledges to splat enemies that can’t see you.

Splatoon 3 Best Weapon Slosher

What’s more, the Slosher does a solid 70 damage to every enemy it hits, with no damage fall-off. Catch someone with a bucketful and they’re only a Splat Bomb away from losing the fight.

Besides the aforementioned high tier Sub Weapon, the Slosher also boasts the powerful Triple Inkstrike Special, allowing you to drop three missiles around the map. It’s an excellent way of covering your back, or driving enemies out of an area, into your waiting paint.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sloshers – Splatoon 3’s most beginner-friendly weapon classes.


Shockingly, despite the Splattershot being available from Level 2, it’s one of the best weapons that Splatoon 3 has to offer. With a larger range, higher damage, and only slightly reduced fire rate from the Splattershot Jr, this assault rifle is more than just a fantastic all-rounder.

Splattershot Splatoon 3

At close-medium range, the Splattershot is a three-shot-splat. And considering how fast the weapon fires, most enemies won’t have a chance to react if you get the drop on them.

Players get access to the powerful Suction Bomb Sub Weapon, ideal for denying enemies access to areas, or flushing them out of hiding. Unlike the Splat Bomb, this tool can be a one-hit-splat if an opposing player doesn’t get out of the way.

And for your Special Weapon, you get access to the devastating Trizooka, which can launch up to 3 blasts of ink at your discretion. It’s one of the better Specials to have on your side, capable of turning the tides of any fight.

Need to level up to unlock some of the game’s better options? Here’s how to level up fast in Splatoon 3!

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