Elden Ring’s map contains secrets that will remain undiscovered for months, but magically-locked towers are much easier to spot. Here’s how to find the Testu’s Rise Wise Beasts and claim the reward!

FromSoftware’s latest release mixes intense, unforgiving combat with platforming and problem-solving. The latter can reward you with some legendary loot, with Testu’s Rise offering essential gear to victorious puzzlers.

Whilst the paintings that are mysteriously left around the Lands Between may be one of the earlier puzzles that you find, they require much exploring to solve.

However, these locked towers can be opened right where they stand! There are three towers locked in this way, with Testu’s Rise being one of the more challenging.

Elden Ring Turtle on Beach

Where to Find Testu’s Rise

Testu’s Rise is located on a small island within Liurnia Lake, north of Raya Lucaria Academy. It can be reached upon arrival in Liurnia by passing around the Academy on either side.

But, be aware; head around the left side and you may unintentionally disturb Glintstone Dragon Smarag who is extremely tough.

Once on the island, head to the tower after activating the Site of Grace. Then, interact with the Imp statue guarding the door.

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Elden Ring Testus Rise Map

Three Wise Beasts Locations

This is where the puzzling begins. Reading the information on the statue will give you a command. Three wise beasts must be found and, since this is Elden Ring, killed.

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Wise Beast 1

Face the Imp statue (pointing East), then turn to the North. Ahead of you is a skeleton idling on a rock, who appears to be watching over the first Wise Beast. This one is hard to miss, so kill it and move on.

Elden Ring Testu's Rise Wise Beast 1

Wise Beast 2

Continue around the tower in a clockwise pattern. Almost directly behind the tower entrance, you’ll get swarmed by a bunch of skeletons.

Deal with them if you need to, or avoid their slow movements. Now, look up. This turtle is somehow clinging to a tree, halfway up the trunk.

It’s out of melee range so you’ll need either ranged or magic attacks to bring it down. Or, strike the tree first to make it fall.

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Testu's Rise Wise Beast 2

Wise Beast 3

You can now continue clockwise, but to better orient yourself, head back to the Imp statue. Now, look to the South.

This turtle is almost directly opposite the first one, so traverse the short distance until you reach the edge of the cliff.

Look down, and you’ll see that this Wise Beast is below you. You know what to do next…

Testu's Rise Wise Beast 3

Prefer to see an overview of the turtle’s hiding spots? Here’s a numbered map showing the locations of all three Wise Beasts:

Elden Ring Wise Beasts Map

Possible Glitch & Workaround

If you’re struggling to find the Wise Beasts despite following our guide, it’s possible that you may be experiencing a known issue.

Two possible roadblocks have been mentioned so far: The time of day and interaction with the Skeletons.

Some have suggested that the turtles only come out at night, whilst others claim that if the Skeletons “lose aggro” (meaning, their AI ‘forgets’ about you) then the turtles will disappear.

Therefore, we recommend using the Site of Grace to wait until night and ensuring that you never stray too far from the Skeletons. If you do lose the Turtles, interact with the Imp statue again, and they’ll respawn.

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Elden Ring Memory Stone

Testu’s Rise Puzzle Reward

With the door open, head up the steps and enter Testu’s Rise. Climb the tower to find a treasure chest.

Inside this chest is a Memory Stone, a vital piece of loot for anyone who uses Magic or Incantations! The Memory Stone allows you to equip one more spell or prayer to actively use in battle!

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