Want to get your hands on the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon in Terra Maledicta? Here’s how it’s done!

Terra Maledicta is here at last in Vanguard Zombies, and the new experience has a lot to offer fans – including the new Decimator Shield!

This rather unique new Wonder Weapon acts as protection from the undead, and also comes with a unique personality of its own. As it turns out, the shield is a result of a soldier getting cursed to live within his own shield by Kortifax himself.

With the new Wonder Weapon by your side, you’ll be unstoppable in Vanguard Zombies’ new map. In case you missed it, you can complete the Vanguard Zombies story prologue here!

But be sure to also get your hands on the Ray Gun in Terra Maledicta for both the best offense and defense possible!

Vanguard Zombies: Where to Find and Unlock the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon

  • First, when loading into Terra Maledicta, head into a Portal as normal. Complete your objective and head back to the Terra Maledicta hub.
  • In the hub area, head to the far East and you’ll see the Decimator Shield lying dormant in a huge pile of crystals.
  • Head through a second portal and complete a second objective there too. After this, Vercanna will judge you worthy of wielding the Decimator Shield.
  • Find the Speaking Stone near the Green Fountain, located in the Tents. Use it and you’ll hear some lore for the Decimator.
  • After all the talking is done, a new portal will open up beside you. Head through.
  • In the Purge objective, you’ll need to stand on each of 10 runes to capture them, each while fighting off incoming zombies.
  • Once done, you’ll head back to Terra Maledicta’s hub where the crystals will be cracking.
  • Head into a portal and complete one more objective.
  • When you next return to the Decimator Shield, face away from it and you’ll see several gold auras glowing around the map.
  • Shoot each one until it breaks and flies into the Shield.
  • Head to the Speaking Stone bt the Yellow Fountain in Bazaar. Listen to the dialogue and then head throught the portal that appears.
  • Through the green portal, you’ll encounter Zaballa the Deceiver. Here you’ll need to protect the Syphoncores to charge the Decimator Shield.
  • Once you head back to the hub, you’ll be able to equip yourself with the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon in Terra Maledicta!

After quite the effort, you finally have your Decimator in hand! Now, you can go on to finish the new Terra Maledicta Easter Egg with your new ally!

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