Terra Maledicta has a new Main Quest story Easter Egg for Vanguard Zombies players to enjoy. Here’s how it’s done.

Season 2 and a brand-new Vanguard Zombies experience is finally here! The long-awaited addition to the undead survival mode brings with it a new map, complete with its own storyline to complete.

Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of an actual round-based Vanguard Zombies map, despite past leaks.

It seems like we’ll be experiencing the Vanguard Zombies storyline through this strange new combination of Cold War’s outbreak and standard Zombies modes.

Terra Maledicta Decimator Shield in Vanguard Zombies

And while Vanguard players seem to hate Der Anfang, we don’t think this new map will be any more popular.

Don’t miss out on completing the Vanguard Zombies story prologue before heading into Terra Maledicata’s Main Quest!

How to Complete the Terra Maledicta Main Story Quest – Easter Egg Guide

Follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be completing the Main Quest in Terra Maledicta in no time:

  • First things first, you’ll need to follow our guide to get the Decimator Shield in Terra Maledicta’s main story.
  • Then, when instructed, head to the Blue Chalice fountain to the North East, in the Debris Fields.
  • Use the Speaking Stone nearby.
  • Then, head through the new Green Portal.
  • Here, you’ll find Tome Pages floating in red aura. Use the Decimator Shield to strike each one, breaking through their protection. The shield will need time to recharge between each use.
  • Travel through the new portal and you’ll arrive in Terra Maledicta’s hub once more.
  • However, you’ll also get a lot of free rewards dropping in the center ahead of you, and 10,000 credits for completing the story event!

All things considered, we don’t think fans are going to be happy with the Terra Maledicta Main Quest. After all, it won’t take you long to complete, and the story goes by without any major boss fight or even any real challenge!

We’ll take what we can get when it comes to Zombies content, however. Sadly, the new round-based survival event in Vanguard Zombies is pretty lacking too.

But at least the Vanguard Zombies Pack-a-Punch finally gives us weapon camos!

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