Temples (or Dungeons if you prefer) are the backbone of a traditional Zelda experience – but how many are waiting for you in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK?

Tears of the Kingdom is the best of both worlds when it comes to a Zelda game.

Yes, it maintains the new and exciting take on the formula that Breath of the Wild introduced, but it also brings back fan-favorite mainstays, like complex (and often frustrating) Temples.

Gone are the days of the Divine Beasts and fans can look forward to exploring several Temples in their TOTK experience. But how many does the game have in store for us?

How Many Temples in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

There are 4 main Temples in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Fire Temple
  • Lightning Temple
  • Water Temple
  • Wind Temple

Outside of these 4 Temples, Link will also visit The Spirit Temple, and Hyrule Castle, which some players have come to reference as additional dungeons in TOTK.

However, neither one follow the traditional dungeon structure and both locations can be finished much faster than all other Temples.

How Many Temples in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The 4 Temples will become available by following the Regional Phenomena main quest that you’ll get from Purah after activating your first Skyview Tower.

Which Temple Should I Do First in Zelda: TOTK?

Although Link can head to any one of the 4 main Temples first in Tears of the Kingdom, we recommend starting with the Wind Temple.

One reason for this is that the Wind Temple’s boss fight (we won’t spoil it) is the easiest of the 4 – while still being extremely fun.

Which Temple Should I Do First in Zelda TOTK

But even more importantly, the Sage spirit reward you get for completing the Wind Temple will allow Link to move around the map much faster.

We can’t imagine playing TOTK without this added boost, which has saved our lives more times than we can count. Just don’t forget to get some Cold Protection on the way there!

All Temple Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is located in Lost Gorondia, in The Depths below Death Mountain. To get there, follow the northeast marker that appears as part of the Regional Phenomena questline.

Fire Temple Zelda TOTK

Link will encounter Yunobo in Goron City (Coordinates: 1664, 2443, 0381) and rescue him from the power of a mysterious mask.

Together, the duo will climb Death Mountain before venturing inside and battling through the Fire Temple.

Fire Temple Location TOTK

Lightning Temple

The Lightning Temple is waiting beneath the sands of the Gerudo Desert on the very southwest of Hyrule.

The Temple will only rise from the sand once Link connects three beams of light across the desert into a perfect triangle.

Lightning Temple TOTK

Before that though, Link will need to head to Gerudo Town (Coordinates: -3881, -2961, 0123).

Along the way, he’ll meet with Riju, the leader of the Gerudo people, and help defend the town against a new deadly threat.

Lightning Temple Location TOTK

Water Temple

The Water Temple, unsurprisingly, will unlock after Link meets with the Zora people and Prince Sidon in particular.

Water Temple TOTK

The Temple is floating above Zora’s Domain (Coordinates: 3299, 0424, 0112), and the only way to get there is to purify the sludge pouring down to Hyrule’s surface.

You’ll need to get the Zora armor from Sidon’s new betrothed, Yona, and track down the Zora King in order to gain access.

Water Temple Location TOTK

Wind Temple

The Wind Temple, like the Water Temple, is also found high in the clouds. Unlike all other Temples, this one isn’t a building but instead a floating ship, with an armada of other ships soaring around it.

Wind Temple Zelda TOTK

Only with the help of Tulin will Link be able to reach this destination. To find him, you’ll need to journey to Rito Village (Coordinates: -3640, 1825, 0168).

On the road there, you’ll likely encounter the Impa and the Geoglyphs questline. Here are all 12 Dragon’s Tear locations to help make that quest a breeze – and help you understand the game’s story!

Wind Temple Location TOTK
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