Warzone 2 Season 3 brings back several beloved elements from the previous installment, including Tempered Plate Carriers.

In Warzone Caldera, Tempered Plates were a perk, but in Warzone 2, players can find them as lootable items. These plate carriers change gameplay by reducing the time needed to apply armor plates.

Where to Get Tempered Plate Carriers in Warzone 2

Players could find Tempered Plate Carriers by:

  • Opening Chests
  • Find it in ground loot
  • Capturing a Stronghold
  • Killing other players who have one

If you want to obtain this armor item early in the game, we recommend landing in the vicinity of a Stronghold building marked by orange flags.

If the building becomes a Stronghold, completing it will guarantee you receive this brand new item.

Stronghold and Black Sites

Although, if the building is not one of the three Strongholds in the game, the area will still contain numerous high-value chests that may contain one.

Unfortunately, from our testing, the plate carriers are unavailable from Buy Stations, meaning you will have to find one.

What Are Tempered Plate Carriers in Warzone 2?

Tempered Plate Carriers consolidate the three armor slots into two larger compartments, while still providing the same amount of health points.

By equipping this item, players will only need to apply two pieces of armor to reach maximum health. This results in a reduced healing time.

By only needing to apply two pieces of armor, players can focus on other aspects of the game and engage in combat more frequently.

It can also allow them to carry more plates, which can be incredibly valuable during the longer engagements.

Tempered plate carriers Warzone 2

Despite this update to armor plates, the newly added one-shot snipers will still down max health players! Check out the best one-shot sniper loadouts in Warzone 2:

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