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How to Teleport in Firebase Z Without Opening the First Door – Cold War Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies players have found a new trick that lets them teleport without opening Firebase Z's first door.

This article will cover a brand new technique discovered by the Zombies community to skip ahead in the progression of Firebase Z.

How to Skip the First Door in Firebase Z

First Door on Firebase Z Black Ops Cold War zombies
First Door on Firebase Z

Players have found a way to bypass the first door that is next to Quick Revive in the Courtyard in the Village by climbing the surrounding buildings in a certain way.

Essentially, you are parkouring your way up two buildings to get to the portal to teleport to the base.

And from there, you've got an excellent Firebase Z early round strategy!

How to Get to the Firebase Z Teleporter Without Opening a Door

Go all the way to the back of the spawn room. Then, you'll notice a small ramp that leads up to an elevated sidewalk.

You need to gather enough momentum before you jump to have it propel you through the air far enough to grab a ledge on the building across the street. Start behind the ramp on the sidewalk so you can have a running start.

It is highly recommended to set your Field of View to 120 in your Graphics settings so you can have the most optimal movement for this trick.

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The moment you reach the dip of the small ramp, jump. The game will think you are trying to mantle over the ledge of the awing and it will automatically put you up there thanks to the climbing animation.

Step By Step Video Guide

Here is an example of how this jump should be performed:

First jump off of the ramp

From the awning, jump back across the street to another awning from the building you just jumped from.

Here is a video demonstration of this jump:

First awning jump

Next, there are two other smaller awnings. Carefully jump onto those and climb the wall to get to the roof.

Below, you will see another video demonstration of the final jump to get to the teleporter.

Awning jumps and climbing onto the roof

The portal will be waiting for you on the roof and you will have successfully made it to the teleporter on Firebase Z without having to buy the door.

Roof Teleporter on Firebase Z

The first door will remain closed until you decide to open it.

To show proof that this is legitimate, I provided a picture of myself on the other side of the locked door that you would normally have to open.

First door locked from the other side

This is a neat trick that can help you save some extra points on Firebase Z, and it allows you to get right into the meat of the map right away. Then, you'll be needing our Firebase Z high round strategy guide instead.

Once you go through the teleporter, you can access everything else the map has to offer. These things include Pack-A-Punch and getting the wonder weapon.

Follow this guide to learn how to Pack-A-Punch in Firebase Z. And this follow-up guide will allow you to get the Wonder Weapon for free in Firebase Z.

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