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Techland Addresses Microsoft Buyout Rumours – Providing Update

Techland’s community manager has clarified the company’s position after rumors of a Microsoft buyout surface online.

Microsoft’s plans for aggressive expansion are no secret. In the past few months, the company has already acquired Bethesda, themselves a giant of gaming development.

To put it into perspective, at E3 events, Bethesda’s shows were often comparable to Microsoft and Sony’s. So Microsoft isn’t playing around; they are willing to spend big money and nothing– and nobody - is off the table.

Except perhaps Nintendo. Who scoffed at Microsoft’s tentative proposal. We also imagine Sony’s gaming division would be a bit ambitious too.

But when it comes to other large publishers like EA, Ubisoft, or Activision, another significant acquisition wouldn’t’ surprise us at this point.

Microsoft has expressed interest in purchasing smaller companies too, but companies that may produce influential game franchises. A recent leak revealed that Techland might be on Microsoft’s radar.

What Do We Know About Any Potential Techland Buyout?

This is significant as it would potentially make games like Dead Island and Dying Light Xbox exclusives. While the news was far from confirmed, a representative from Techland has now poured cold water on the rumors.

The company’s community manager Uncy has taken to Twitter to confirm that “Techland is an independent studio” and it has “not been acquired by another publisher.”

This would apparently mean that the rumors of Microsoft buying Techland are merely hearsay and without merit. Some people on Twitter have ignored Uncy’s comment as a deflection. Or have said he would not be part of such conversations.

But Uncy isn’t just Techland’s resident Twitter guy. He’s an essential member of Techland’s PR team and will likely know a lot more than people think.

Therefore we’d take him at his word, at least until Techland or Microsoft say otherwise in an official capacity.  

Until then, we’d like to draw your attention to a secret feature on the Xbox Series X/S controller – and what it may mean for the future of Microsoft’s gaming strategy.

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