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How to Team Wipe Players Picking Up Their Loadout Drop in Warzone

This new method makes team wiping a whole Warzone squad while they pick up a loadout drop easy.

Loadout drops might just be the most powerful item in Warzone. However, players might have to be a bit more careful when selecting their loadout now.

This is because a new Warzone trick has been discovered to get an easy team wipe on any squad who have just called in a loadout. This is especially important as it could stop the squad from picking up Warzone’s best new loadout after the DMR nerf.

Warzone Team Wipe Loadout drop

Easy Team Wipe in Warzone

This easy method lets players potentially wipe a whole squad who have just called in a Loadout Drop. Players who attempt this will need to have extremely good aim though.

Redditor achapm tried this insane trick and managed to wipe a whole squad. All you need is a cluster strike and you’re good to go.

The way to do it is to point the cluster strike’s lazer pointer and mark the loadout drop as it is falling out of the sky. As the drop will be so high up when you call in the strike, the players below won’t be notified that the cluster strike is coming in.

The cluster strike will then come in to team wipe the squad picking up their loadout drop. They won’t have time to react once they realize the cluster strike is coming in on them.

If you’re lucky, the players might even get stuck on their loadout if they get this loadout freezing glitch that still hasn’t been fixed.

achapm Reddit

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