The 2023 Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular event has added some new Timed Research for players to complete. But you’ll need to make plenty of curveball throws to complete it!

Any Pokemon GO player who logs in during the 2023 Psychic Spectacular event, which is running from 10 AM local time on September 20 until 8 PM local time on September 24, will get some new Timed Research.

This Research is all about making curveball throws, and you can earn plenty of encounters with Solosis by completing the tasks!

Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular Timed Research Tasks & Rewards

Task Reward
Make 5 Curveball ThrowsSolosis
Make 10 Curveball ThrowsSolosis
Make 15 Curveball ThrowsSolosis
Make 20 Curveball ThrowsSolosis
Make 25 Curveball ThrowsSolosis
Make 30 Curveball ThrowsSolosis
Make 35 Curveball ThrowsSolosis
Make 42 Curveball ThrowsSolosis

That’s right – every reward in the 2023 Psychic Spectacular Timed Research is an encounter with Solosis. This is great for players who want to encounter the brand-new shiny Solosis, which is now available for the first time.

If you need some help completing these tasks, find out the best way to make curveball throws in Pokemon GO!

Solosis Pokemon GO Pokedex

Psychic Spectacular Timed Research Completion Rewards

For completing all of the tasks in the Psychic Spectacular Timed Research, you will get:

  • Solosis
  • 30 Poke Balls
  • Incubator

While these rewards may not seem great, the Research itself is very easy to complete. This means that you’ll be able to get a free Incubator pretty easily!

Pokemon GO Incubator

Remember to complete the Psychic Spectacular Timed Research before it expires at 8 PM local time on September 24, 2023.

You have left to finish it!

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