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Target Could Have In-Store Xbox Series X/S Restocks in October

New information suggests that Target stores will begin to stock Xbox Series X/S consoles for walk-ins this October, and it’ll begin very soon!

It’s not easy getting your hands on a brand-new Xbox at the moment. Between all of the restocks selling out almost instantly and the scalpers who are still snapping them up, finding an Xbox Series X/s seems almost impossible.

What’s more, there’s even worse news for gamers looking to get a next-gen console. Xbox Series X stock shortage will continue until 2022.

Luckily, there are plenty of rumored Xbox Series X/S restocks this week at Best Buy, Microsoft, and more. And, it looks like Target will be stocking both next-gen Xbox consoles in-store very soon too.

If it’s a Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox you’re after though, you’ll need to look at GameStop:

Xbox Series X/S

Target to Sell Xbox Series X/S Consoles to Walk-In Customers in October?

In-store sales are always a relief to see during a stock crisis. This is especially the case right now as Best Buy is now having members-only console restocks.

Nothing beats going to your local store and physically picking up your new console. Not only is it the best way to ensure you actually get your console in a time where Xbox Series X order cancellations are becoming more common, but it means you can beat the scalpers who scoop up consoles in online sales.

Luckily, restocks expert Jake Randall claims that Target will begin having in-store walk-in sales of Xbox Series X/S consoles. This report has also seemingly been backed up by an alledged leaked image from a Target employee.


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This restock is not confirmed yet, but Randall believes the Xbox Series X/S sales will begin at Target on Sunday, October 17. Additionally, what stores the restocks will be at are currently unknown.

Hopefully, this rumor is true and Target confirms some in-store Xbox Series X/S soon. We will update this article if Target releases the details.

If this restock news is correct, then prepare to wait in line for a long time. Thousands queued to get a PS5 or Xbox at Best Buy last month.

Also, Xbox fans will be excited to see two new Limited Edition controllers go on sale this week:

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Comments 3



Sunday 17th of October 2021

Just bought one in store today. Rumors are true you can start buying xbox in person at target. Limit one per guest per day. They can put them out onto the floor as they come in.

Justin a perkins

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Ok this doesn't say anything about a restock. It says that target, which already has moved availability from online only to in store distribution and pickup, will now allow anyone who is in a store and asks will be able to buy the console.


Friday 15th of October 2021

@Justin a perkins, It also says that it's still available for online order and pick up too..