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Target, Walmart & GameStop May Have Nintendo Switch OLED Stock In-Store – October 23

According to the latest reports, some lucky shoppers are stumbling across Nintendo Switch OLED models in-store and across shelves at Target, Walmart & GameStop.

Those that are currently on the lookout for a Nintendo Switch OLED may be in luck. Thanks to new info, it appears that various retail stores across the country are currently stocking their shelves with Switch OLED models.

Although console shortages will continue this month as stores save their stock for Black Friday 2021, this doesn’t mean that retailers can’t sneakily restock in the run-up.

Target is currently teasing new PS5 & Nintendo Switch OLED stock. This information comes courtesy of a new ad which appears to hint at confirmation of a new restock.

What’s more, Target is even canceling some online orders. As a result of this, sometimes the best place to look is in-store instead.

Target PS5 Restock Reportedly Happening Next Week - October 2021
(Source: Target)

Recently, we reported that GameStop might have Nintendo Switch OLED stock for walk-in shoppers during October.

Now, we are hearing reports that fortunate customers are finding their local stores in the midst of restocking their Nintendo Switch OLED supplies.

Nintendo Switch OLED In-Store Restocks Happening Today – October 23

Retail stores across the nation appear to be stealthily replenishing their supply of consoles this month, new reports suggest.

Despite Switch OLEDs being extremely scarce right now, many claim to be stumbled across the consoles in-store at Target & other retail locations.

Interestingly, it appears that our reports were spot on with regards to more expected stock making its way to shelves this month.

(Source: Twitter)

This has prompted other expectant shoppers to check their local stores for signs of new arrivals. Now, Twitter restock accounts are encouraging consumers to head down. After all, you could be amongst the few that manage to grab one!

Unfortunately, with Switch OLED consoles going for insane money on eBay, those in dire want will have to keep their eyes peeled.

And while we can’t guarantee that stock will be available, it’s always worth checking, especially considering shoppers are reporting more and more units out on display in local stores.

In the meantime, make sure you check out our ten most anticipated Nintendo Switch future games 2021/22 & beyond.

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