Here are the best tips for securing restocks at Target.

What Day of the Week Does Target Usually Restock Online?

Target always restocks on weekdays, with Wednesday – Friday being the most likely candidates for a drop.

What Day of the Week Does Target Usually Restock In-Store?

Target, unlike other retailers, tends to restock every day of the week in-store. Depending on the product in question, it doesn’t seem to wait for restock waves, and simply puts stock live when it has it to sell.

What Time Does Target Usually Restock Online?

Target commonly restocks between:

PT: 4 AM – 5 AM
MT: 5 AM – 6 AM
CT: 6 AM – 7 AM
ET: 7 AM – 8 AM

It’s often an early drop for those on the West Coast.

How Long Do Target Restocks Last?

Target restocks tend to come in waves, despite not advertising that fact, and can last up to an hour or so. Most of the stock will be sold within minutes, but don’t give up if you see the Out of Stock alert.

Instead, stick around and refresh the page until your item comes back in stock. Not only can Target drop more stock, but some people won’t finish their orders, meaning that units might become available once more.

How to Check Target for Local Stock In-Store?

A good way to check Target’s stock in-store is to go into your local store and ask. Head to the corresponding section and be polite to the staff members at all times.

For best results, go first thing in the morning as Target will often get deliveries in the early hours. Head into a store every day for a week and you’re certain to catch a delivery, assuming there’s one scheduled.

However, reports indicate that you can also see if your Target store has stock by checking your item’s store page at the following times:

  • 7:15 AM, 7:45 AM, 8 AM or 8:05 AM ET
  • 4:15 AM, 4:45 AM, 5 AM or 5:05 AM PT

This is when stock is most likely to be updated on the website.

Choose ‘Order Pickup’ and you’ll be able to see all stock in stores within 50 miles of you. You can even change edit your location as seen in the top right of the image below, to see an area of your choice.

Target Change Stores

Target Restocks Tips & Tricks

Set Up Account & Payment Early

First things first, make sure you set up your account and payment option early, well in advance of any restocks. After all, you’ll want to save all the time possible when it comes to a drop.

As such, make sure your payment information and shipping address are already entered before it’s time to make your purchase. You’ll also want to be signed in and ready for any potential restock.

Pick Up In-Store or Home Delivery

Target will often allow customers to have orders shipped directly to their homes. However, for a greater degree of success, you’ll want to pick up your order in-store.

Target allows customers to purchase for curbside pickup, so as long as you have a nearby brick-and-mortar store, then you’ll have better luck opting to collect the item yourself. The reason for this is that the vast majority of customers will be trying to get their purchase delivered, creating a lot of pressure on Target.

If your local store doesn’t have stock, don’t forget that you can hit Edit Store and check other locations within a large radius around you.

Useful: Target Store Locator

Best Payment Method

If you’re wondering which payment method is best to use, the answer is PayPal or Apple Pay.

It’s worth setting up accounts with these companies in advance, as they do appear to make checkouts easier for those who use them.

Target Site vs App

When it comes to whether you should use the Target site or the official app, the answer is: sometimes both!

Target App

Unlike many other retailers, Target sometimes lets you add an item to your cart on the site but checkout on the app. And that combination tends to net better results than trying to do both actions from one location.

Make sure you’ve got both the app and website signed in and ready for drops!

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