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Target PS5 Stock Levels Rising, Console Restock Coming Soon

Get ready for another Target PS5 restock as the retailer’s next-gen stock levels are already on the rise.

It looks as though Target is setting up for a big new PS5 restock this coming week, as stores begin to stock Sony’s powerful console.

Although Target sells Xbox Series X/S consoles in-store, it still saves its PlayStation devices for nationwide restocks.

Recently, we saw reports that indicated that Target could be stockpiling PS5 consoles for a huge Black Friday restock. Now, it seems that the retailer’s next drop will be coming shortly after the retail holiday.

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Target PS5 Restock Coming Soon – November / December 2021

It seems that Target could well be sending off November in style, or dropping the first PS5 restock of December 2021!

New claims from Target insider Jake Randall state that the store is getting new deliveries of PS5 stock this weekend. And while it’s entirely possible that Cyber Monday could be the goal, Target will almost certainly drop PS5s next week.

After a busy Black Friday for PS5 restocks, Target is next up at-bat. Now, a new screenshot of a store’s stock levels shared by SupplyNinja appears to confirm that one Target store has 18 consoles arriving in a single shipment later today.

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With that in mind, it seems that Target will be getting ready to drop between November 29 – December 3. We’ll update this article as more information becomes available as to the store’s exact drop date.

Meanwhile, we have another confirmed PS5 restock on Cyber Monday at another major retailer!

UPDATE: Jake Randall is now confirming Target’s biggest PS5 drop of the year is on the way. Stores have between 50-100 consoles each, and the restock is expected to go live between 3-6 AM PT sometime next week.

And it seems that some retailers are teasing Christmas PS5 drops already!

Although GameStop just had a huge in-store PS5 drop, don’t expect Target to follow suit.

But there is one piece of gaming hardware that Target will carry in-store exclusively from now on.

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