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Target PS5 Restock Reportedly Happening Next Week – October 2021

It seems that Target is ready for another PS5 restock, and all signs point to the final week of October 2021!

If you’re searching for another chance at a next-gen console, look no further than this upcoming Target PS5 restock.

It’s been a few weeks since our last Target drop, and it wasn’t a great time for buyers everywhere. In fact, reports indicate that Target had to cancel some PS5 orders due to overselling last time around!

Let’s hope things are different this coming week, as the retailer prepares to go live once more.

Target PS5

Just recently, we had GameStop drop an actual in-store PS5 restock, a trend that’s becoming increasingly common.

However, even though Target is clearly testing in-store restocks for next-gen consoles, we expect this one to be online-only for now.

Target PS5 Restock October 2021

Target looks to be ready for a PS5 restock in October 2021 and new evidence suggests the drop is coming next week.

According to none other than Jake Randall, Target is getting ready for another PS5 restock this coming week. It appears that stores have substantial enough stock levels for a drop, which usually means that one is imminent.

Recently, Target has been advertising PS5 and Switch OLED restocks coming soon, so we’re not shocked to see a new drop on the way. But now we might finally have some specifics about what’s to come.

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Target PS5

Target insider Jake Randall has proof that Target stores each have a handful of consoles to drop. And he states that the upcoming PS5 restock will take place next week, between 6-9 AM ET.

Randall believes the Target PS5 restock is most likely dropping on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. Reportedly, shipments are ongoing through to Sunday, so expect stock levels to only rise before the drop.

In the past, Randall has been correct countless times when it comes to Target drops. And if that’s not enough evidence for you, he’s even providing a screenshot of the retailer’s stock levels below!

Make sure to check out our PS5 stock trackers for lightning-fast updates when the Target drop goes live:

jake randall ps5 restock target October 2021
Jake Randall

Meanwhile, we’ve got new details on a potential early access PS5 restock this Black Friday at Walmart!

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denise soliz

Wednesday 27th of October 2021

How do I get my hands on ps5 target restock I cant seems to be able to get my hands on one how. I need one for my Son