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Target PS5 Restock Live Now – December 16

Target has a massive new PS5 restock that’s dropping any moment now, on December 16.

If you’re still on the hunt for a next-gen console, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, we still have a few more drops coming before the holidays.

There’s only a limited amount of stock coming before Christmas however. And with some retailers canceling PS5 orders before the holiday, there’s a lot of desperate gamers ready to jump at the chance for a new restock.

Recently, we reported that Target warehouses were filling up with PS5 stock, a rumor that appears to have been true. Now, those consoles are about to go live, although reports indicate that today’s drop won’t be a huge one.


If you’re still looking for a next-gen console, here’s where to find a PS5 before Christmas 2021!

Target PS5 Restock – December 16

The good news is that Target has a new PS5 restock dropping today, December 16. And this could be the store’s final PS5 offering before Christmas.

According to Target restock expert Jake Randall, the retailer has a new PS5 restock about to go live on either December 16 or 17. In the past, Randall has been incredibly accurate about the retailer’s inside workings, so we’re very confident that he’s right about today’s drop.

The restock expert claims that Target will have new PS5 stock ‘guaranteed’ between 6 AM – 9 AM ET on December 16 or December 17. And while it could be that the console arrives on Friday, a drop today is equally possible.

As ever, Target’s drop will be online-only, with in-store pickups available.

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UPDATE: PS5 Disc is LIVE NOW, Digital coming soon. The console is not out of stock, use the link above to see how to buy if you’re struggling.

UPDATE 2: PS5 Digital is now LIVE!

Update 3: It looks as though Target is officially out of stock now. However, check below for more restocks.

If you miss out on today’s drop, don’t worry! After all, these retailers will be restocking the PS5 this week, and more are still to come.

Plus it seems that a big Amazon PS5 restock is also on the way in December 2021!

And if you’re buying a new console, why not spice it up with these incredible new PS5 console covers. Sony is finally letting fans customize their device, and change its color to match your aesthetic.

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Thursday 16th of December 2021

I was online in Texas at 7am right as it said it dropped and there was nothing on my app or my browser saying it was even available. I updated and everything. Next thing I see is on this page in the comments sold out. So I don’t know how anybody was able to secure one. Was I supposed to be on prior with the console in my cart? Because Target isn’t even letting you get to the ps5 console page unless it’s available. The only page I’ve ever seen on the website is saying you’ll be able to view this item once it’s available. Sorry frustrated!

Alfredo Trinidad

Thursday 16th of December 2021

That sold out fast!