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Target PS5 Restock Likely This Week – April 15

It’s looking likely that Target will have a PS5 restock this week on April 14 or 15. Here’s everything you need to know!

Getting a PS5 has proved tricky ever since the console was released, and the last few months have proved no different.

Even if the PS5 stock shortage will continue throughout 2022, there is some good news for gamers looking for Sony’s latest console.

After plenty of waiting, this week should be the week that Target sells all of the PS5 stock it has been preparing for the past couple of weeks.

Here’s everything that you need to know about a possible online PS5 restock at Target this week!

But first, check out every expected PS5 restock from April 11-17!

PS5 Console

Target PS5 Restock Expected Soon – April 15

The PS5 stock levels at Target have been rising since March, yet the retailer hasn’t dropped the consoles. Therefore, this week should finally be the week of the big restock!

Due to the stock levels in each store, restocks expert Jake Randall was confident that Target would drop PS5s for the last two weeks. However, the retailer didn’t hold a restock either time.

It’s strange for Target to hold on to consoles for so long before selling them. Therefore, even if Target didn’t restock PS5s last week, a restock at the end of this week seems likely.

Additionally, based on past Target restocks, we can work out when this potential restock could drop as well as how you can buy one.

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target ps5 deal

Past Target restocks have been online-only but you need to pick up your console in-store. Also, these restocks have dropped early in the morning on Thursday or Friday.

Therefore, if Target does drop a PS5 restock this week, expect it to be at some time between 7 AM – 8 AM EST on April 14 or 15.

Also, you’ll need to know how to beat scalpers to buy a PS5. After all, you don’t want scalper bots snapping up all of the PS5s straight away!

In other news, PlayStation Plus is getting new ‘Extra’ and ‘Premium’ subscription tiers. This will make PS Plus even more of a must-have for any PlayStation fan.

UPDATE 4/13 – 8:19 PM ET – Restocks insider Jake Randall added that some stores have now over 40 PS5 consoles in addition to the ones reported in previous weeks.

UPDATE 4/14 – Target will not be restocking the PS5 today. Be sure to check back on April 15 to see if the retailer drops then!

Randall also mentioned that another shipment of consoles went out to stores yesterday. This could hint that the restock could be moved to the next week, but there are still high chances it will take place this week.

However, it’s not all good news for PlayStation fans. An industry analyst believes that Sony has delayed the PS VR2 release date and it won’t come out this year!

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