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Massive Target PS5 Restock Expected This Week – January 2022

It looks like Target is gearing up for a huge PS5 restock at the beginning of January 2022 – and it could drop this week!

Gamers struggled for all of 2021 to get a PS5. However, there are already some good signs that next-gen consoles could be more readily available in 2022.

The huge number of PS5 restocks at the end of 2021 got the hopes up for many customers, and for good reason. Now, we know about a huge restock coming at the beginning of 2022.

It looks like Target is having a huge PS5 restock in the first week of January. Here’s what we know about the restock so far!

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Target Online PS5 Restock Details – January 2022

Following the news that the PS5 restocks will continue into 2022, we have information about the first major restock of the year!

Restocks expert Jake Randall has provided some very interesting information about the heavily rumored January 2022 Target PS5 restock. This includes when it is likely to drop as well as how many consoles will be on sale at each store.

Apparently, some participating Target stores will have up to 200 PS5 disc edition consoles to sell!

Unfortunately, Randall has not revealed what Target stores will have the PS5s to sell in the January 2022 restock, but there’s a good reason for this. It is to stop the scalpers from picking up the consoles.

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Sony PS5

Although, Randall claims that stores in all regions are being restocked so there’s a good chance of one near you having consoles. These will be sold via online order and have to be picked up in-store.

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Last, but certainly not least, the expected drop date. Randall says that this first Target PS5 restock in 2022 will drop any day from Tuesday, January 4 to Friday, January 7 at some time from 6 AM – 9 AM EST.

Let’s hope that Target confirms these PS5 restock details soon! That way, everyone can prepare for the restock.

Although, sometimes scalpers manage to snap up the consoles anyway. For instance, the latest Amazon PS5 restock was ruined by scalpers.

Meanwhile, you can now customize your PS5 too! Brightly colored official PS5 faceplates are now available to order in black, pink, blue, purple, and red!
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