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Target PS5 Restock Drops Might Be Returning – August 2021

It looks like Target will be offering PS5 consoles in restock drop waves once again, as of August 2021.

Getting hold of a next-gen console is a tricky thing even to this day. We’re about to reach the 10-month mark since the PS5’s release date, and still the devices are in short supply.

Thankfully, we had good news about the PS5 supply issues recently, that gives us hope for the future. And now, one of our favorite PS5 restock retailers is entering the game once more.

In case you hadn’t seen, Target made big changes to the way it sells PS5s recently. Instead of doing nationwide PS5 restocks, Target instead simply dropped the consoles locally when they were available.

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Target Biggest PS5 Restock in Months This Week - July 2021

Target PS5 Restock Waves Returning?

Is Target returning to restocking waves of PS5 stock nationwide in August 2021? A new statement on the major retailer’s PS5 listing certainly suggests so.

Recently, Target began selling PS5 consoles locally, like it does with Xbox stock. As soon as a console comes into stock, it’s put up for sale in particular areas.

However, now it looks as though Target is returning to big nationwide PS5 restocks. Much like the upcoming Amazon PS5 drop in August, consumers will be able to purchase their next-gen console online for delivery once again.

In a new PS5 listing on the Target website, the company informs potential buyers that “consoles will be viewable when inventory is available.”

Lord Restock on Twitter points out that this seems to indicate a return to large-scale drops. And what’s more, it also gives us a hint at an upcoming restock potentially coming later this week.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got new PS5 restocks at GameStop, Walmart, Antonline, Best Buy and more this week!

Meanwhile, we’ve got new rumors about a PS5 Pro releasing in 2023!

And it looks like we’ll be getting more news about the PSVR 2 arriving later this year. Judging by current leaks, it might not be a long wait until Sony’s Summer State of Play event!

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