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New Target PS5 Restock Dropping Very Soon, Insiders Claim

Target is gearing up for yet another PS5 restock, and it could be coming as early as tomorrow morning.

We are now almost 4 months into the PS5's lifespan, and the consoles are still incredibly hard to come by. The next-gen gaming device is proving to be outstandingly popular worldwide, but particularly in the US.

Those in America are currently being treated to a trickle of PS5 restocks every week, but you have to know where to look. After all, PS5 scalpers are still a very real issue when buying your next-gen console.


This retailer is giving UK buyers a way to beat PS5 scalpers and find their console. But for those in the US, here's the best tool for securing your PS5 before scalpers find it.

Target PS5 Restock - March 2021

According to various insider sources, Target has a PS5 restock set to drop in March 2021.

And, even more excitingly, it looks like the new wave's release could come as early as tomorrow.

Multiple Twitter PS5 restock insiders are reporting that Target will be the next major US retailer to have a PS5 restock. The common consensus is that the Target restock will go live between Tuesday and Thursday this week.

What's more, we know that Target is expected to drop their stock between 5 - 9 AM ET. We're not certain on the exact date to watch just yet, so determined buyers will have to stay tuned.

playstation 5 restock march
(Source: Sony)

Target's last PS5 restock was in late February, and it helped many gamers secure their new console. We can only hope that this one is just as big of a success.

We'll update this page as more information is revealed, but it's worth noting that ChitoGaminYT did claim the drop would be this Thursday.

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The insider tweeted out: "Thurs there yo go lmao cat out the bag" in response to Jake Randall being cryptic about the PS5 restock date. However, the user has now deleted the reply.

Want to know the minute this PS5 drop goes live? Be sure to check our stock trackers below:

If you miss out this time, don't worry. After all, our ultimate guide to buying a PS5 from Walmart is certain to help you secure the next-gen device soon.

And right now, scalpers everywhere are lowering their PS5 prices due to the pressure of incoming stock. It won't be long until reselling these devices is a thing of the past.

After all, even the PlayStation Boss is giving us an idea of when stock levels will be available for all gamers.

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