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Target PS5 Drop Reportedly Arriving September 10

We’ve been waiting for quite some time, but finally the next Target PS5 drop is arriving on September 10.

It’s been a slow start to September as far as PS5 restocks are concerned. Despite it being almost a year since the launch of the PS5, we’re still yet to see a market where the PlayStation console is easy to purchase.

Now it looks as though Target could be the next location to drop the PS5 – and it’s not the only one coming soon. Check out all the PS5 restocks coming to Target, GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, and more from September 6-12!

PS5 Console
(Source: Sony)

We’re still waiting on a major Best Buy PS5 restock which could drop any day now.

And to make sure you get their first, be sure to check our lightning-fast PS5 stock trackers below:

Target PS5 Restock Dropping September 10

It seems that Target’s next PS5 restock will take place on September 10, according to one trusted insider.

When it comes to Target PS5 restocks, nobody knows the retailer’s drop patterns quite like Jake Randall. The stock tracker has inside information from multiple Target employees, showcasing the latest PS5 stock levels in stores across the country.

And after reporting that PS5 consoles were arriving at Target over the weekend, Randall is now confident in a drop coming imminently.

It appears that Target stores across the US have a number of PS5 consoles to sell, and it looks like a fairly sizeable restock coming on September 10. Initially, Randall believed that the drop could arrive on September 9, but it now looks more likely to be dropping on the 10th.

If the restock really does arrive on September 10, expect the PS5 drop between 6-9 AM ET.

The drop was almost certainly delayed a day due to the Labor Day holiday earlier this week. And it’s arriving at the perfect timing, with today’s massive PlayStation Showcase getting fans hyped up for the next-gen console’s future.

UPDATE: The Target PS5 drop is now live:

Of course, with huge announcements dropping in the upcoming show, we expect PlayStation fans to be even more hungry for their PS5. Those looking to grab themselves a PS5 from Target’s September 10 restock will have some fierce competition – so it pays to prepare yourself.

Meanwhile, PS5 fans believe scalping should be illegal, after resellers continue to plague the market. Thankfully, it seems that the PS5 stock shortage could soon be over.

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