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Target Has Xbox Series X Stock in Stores – March 2022

If you’re still searching for an Xbox Series X in March 2022, you could be in luck – Target has stock of the console to pick up in select stores!

The new generation of consoles has been very hard to buy ever since they were released at the end of 2020. However, the Xbox Series X is becoming more readily available now.

In addition to the huge GameStop in-store Xbox Series X restock event, it looks like plenty of Target stores across the country have the consoles available to buy.

Here’s everything we know about the Xbox Series X stock in Target right now and how you can find out if your local store has one.

But first, check out every expected Xbox Series X restock happening this week.

Xbox Series X Console and box

Target Xbox Series X Stock Available in Stores – March 2022

Target has been a great place to buy an Xbox Series X and it looks like some select stores now have the console in stock in March!

At the time of writing, March 18, 2022, many customers have had luck finding an Xbox Series X in one of their local Target stores. While the consoles are not available at every location, it is certainly worth checking if you’re after one.

It doesn’t seem like any of the consoles are available for delivery. However, many customers have had luck with selecting the ‘picking up’ option.

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Target Store

Checking to see if your local Target store has Xbox Series X consoles in stock is simple:

  • First, go to the Xbox Series X listing on the Target website.
  • Next, select “Picking up.”
  • If your local store doesn’t have any, click “more stores nearby” and enter your Zip Code.
  • This will show if any locations near you are stocking the Series X.
  • If the store does, be sure to order one soon, otherwise, it could go!

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Good luck finding your console! Let’s hope that beyond March, retailers like Target will have Xbox Series X stock on store shelves.

Meanwhile, if you’re an Xbox fan, make sure to check out the best Xbox Series X games coming in 2022!

Plus, Microsoft has just announced the latest games coming to Xbox Game Pass in March!

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