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Target Getting Another PS5 Restock This Week

Another Target PS5 restock is coming this week.

US retailer Target is one of the few reliable sources for PS5s. Although, snapping up an elusive PS5 console has proved to be very difficult so far.

No matter what retailer it is at, PS5 restocks sell out almost immediately but it is possible to get one if you know exactly when they go on sale.

Target has apparently secured some of the millions of PS5 consoles being shipped over the next few months. This leak suggests that Target might be selling PS5s this week.

PS5 Console

When Will Target Restock PS5s?

Spiel Times has previously had good insider information regarding PS5 stock drops in Target. They correctly predicted the huge Target PS5 restock at the end of December.

It has now revealed that PS5 consoles should be going on sale in Target this week. Their sources state that Target stores will be getting small shipments of PS5 consoles on January 19th and January 21st.

The restocks will also be very limited, with each Target store only getting 4-12 PS5 consoles each. This is strangely low considering Sony plans to ship up to 18 million PS5s this year.

The way Target operates means that they list the stock for separate stores. So each store can list the consoles they receive at any time.

Expect the PS5s to go on sale throughout the rest of the week.

Target also only sells PS5 consoles online, so it’s no good waiting outside for the store’s doors to open. Be sure to check your local Target’s stock online to see if they have one of the elusive PS5s.

Don’t worry if your Target doesn’t restock PS5 consoles, there’s another way to get one. Check our PS5 Stock Tracker US to find out as soon as any PS5 consoles go on sale in America.

For readers in the UK who want a PS5, there is also one for you. Use our UK PS5 Stock Tracker to see if there are any PS5s on sale.

PS5 scams are everywhere at the moment. Luckily eBay has finally banned selling empty PS5 boxes.

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