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Target Cancels Loads of PS5 Orders From December 2 Restock

There’s some back console restock news – plenty of unlucky Target customers have had their December 2 PS5 orders canceled!

With the PS5 stock shortages still a major problem, many people are becoming increasingly desperate to get a PS5 before Christmas.

Initially, it seemed like the PS5 restock at Target on December 2 was a huge success as many customers finally got the new console. Although, it may not have been as successful as it seemed.

Now, many people are finding out that they won’t be receiving their PS5 at all because their order has been canceled.

Also, here’s every expected PS5 restock from November 29 – December 5.


Target December 2 PS5 Restock – Orders Canceled

Ever since the news that Target PS5 stock levels were rising, customers had been patiently waiting to buy a console. However, some who thought they’d finally secured their console have ended up empty-handed.

The December 2 Target PS5 restock saw many gamers finally buy a PS5, but others have had their orders canceled for a few different reasons.

Some managed to purchase the console, but after the order was placed got an email saying that the PS5 was no longer available.

Delivery or alternative pickup options were offered, but if not the customers have to agree to cancel the order!

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Meanwhile, others have claimed that a “technical issue” caused their orders to be canceled. This seems to be fairly common and, unfortunately, there seems to be no way to get your order back.

Unfortunately, Target has canceled PS5 orders in previous restocks too, so this could be becoming a regular occurrence.


Even worse, some customers have had multiple Target PS5 orders canceled after many attempts of buying the console. This is some terribly bad luck!

Target is the second console retailer that customers are angry at this week. This follows the news that Walmart has canceled a load of Cyber Monday PS5 orders.


Let’s hope that everyone who hasn’t had their Target PS5 orders canceled manages to pick up their console without any problems. And also, we hope that everyone looking for a PS5 manages to buy one soon.

Meanwhile, check out the staggering PS5 sales numbers so far. It’s one of the fastest-selling consoles of all time now!

Also, be sure to check out the free PS Plus games for December 2021. You’ll want to be picking these up.

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Sunday 5th of December 2021

It's the workers getting dibs on it first that is what is hurting consumers all this scalping going on

Stu padaso

Saturday 4th of December 2021

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