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Target Biggest PS5 Restock in Months This Week – July 2021

If you’re still looking for a PS5, Target is about to have its biggest restock in months, one insider reports.

Somehow, PS5 stock is still in incredibly short supply, now coming up to 9 months after release day. Thanks to the global chip shortage, it’s a difficult time to be looking for a next-gen console.

Thankfully, this week might be our best chance yet at nabbing a PS5 – thanks to a huge Target restock.

We already know about a number of major PS5 restocks at GameStop, Best Buy, Antonline, and more this week! And now, it seems that Target will be joining the list with its biggest restock in months.

When the Target restock goes live, you’ll find out about it first on our lightning-fast stock tracker!

Biggest Target PS5 Restock in Months Coming This Week

According to none other than PS5 restock expert Jake Randall, we’ve got the biggest PS5 restock in months dropping this week at Target.

Although Randall is known for delivering reliable information about upcoming PS5 drops, his area of expertise is Target. Thanks to some insider information from employees at the major retailer, Randall can confirm that Target has a lot of PS5 stock coming this week.

In a new screenshot from an official Target store, the insider shows off one store with 3 PS5s in stock, and an additional 18 units on the way. On a second device, Randall reveals another store with 2 on hand, and 10 more PS5 consoles in transit.

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PS5 Restock
(Source: Sony)

With stores around the U.S. likely following suit, Target must be gearing up for its biggest PS5 restock in months. After all, most restocks occur when stores only have a handful of consoles to drop.

When Is the Next Target PS5 Restock?

Jake Randall reports that the next Target PS5 restock will take place on either Wednesday, July 28, or Thursday July 29.

Typically, the major retailer drops its PS5 stock between 6:30 AM ET – 9 AM ET, so keep your eyes on the stock tracker at this time. Of course, the insider will also be live-streaming the drop to help viewers secure their PS5 too.

Interestingly, PS5 restocks are getting huge changes at Target in recent weeks! What’s more, new reports indicate that PS5 stock is being sold in-store at Target too!

But is it worth snatching up a console now, or waiting for the official new PS5 model redesign which just surfaced online?

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Saturday 31st of July 2021

I got a PS5 on July 30th launch confirmed at 4:44am via email with confirmation. Target took the money out of my account so I am feeling fairly confident that I am finally getting a PS5, will pick up after work but instead I get an email from Target 8 hours later saying they cancelled my order… this a common practice for Target to do, they stated is was either an account issue, nope you took the funds, they couldn’t verify my Target account, nope you sent me the email with my info, the last reason they just didn’t have the product I was trying to purchase…what good is a confirmation email when it confirms nothing…