A bug appearing in MW2 has players spawn next to the enemy team, but only while playing Prisoner Rescue on Taraq.

This glitch is allowing players to get easy and quick kills at the beginning of the round. This is particularly frustrating for players as Prisoner Rescue is a no respawn mode.

A new clip posted on the Modern Warfare 2 Reddit by user SixteenRhinos showcases this strange bug in action.

In the video, the player enters the round with players from the enemy team spawning on the same side. Once the timer runs out, the player is unaware that the opposing team is there and they get eliminated.

Luckily for Prisoner Rescue fans, this Taraq bug is currently being investigated by Infinity Ward as it appears on their MW2 Trello Board.

However, for the time being, Taraq is still in the map rotation for Prisoner Rescue. This means players will need to be extra wary upon spawning in this MW2 game mode.

The issues with spawning on this map appear to have been an issue for quite some time. There are multiple players commenting on this Reddit post that it has been in the game for at least three months.

The broken spawning mechanics were part of the list of MW2 players’ biggest frustrations with the game.

Since Season 2, Infinity Ward is yet to address the major concerns of the fanbase. However, for those wanting new Multiplayer maps, you will have the Season 2 Reloaded update to look forward to!

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