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How to Take a Photo in Honkai: Star Rail

Be sure to whip out that camera while you're travelling around the galaxy!

If you’re looking to capture a moment or simply complete a Daily Training Mission, here’s how to take a photo in Honkai: Star Rail.

The newest HoYoverse game is a beautiful experience visually, no matter whether you’re on mobile or PC (and soon PlayStation consoles).

If you fancy taking a new wallpaper picture or showing off your new Warp drop to your friends, here’s how it’s done:

Honkai Star Rail: How to Take a Photo

  • Press Esc or tap the phone icon in the top left of the screen.
  • Select the Camera icon
  • Line up your desired shot in the frame provided.
  • Finally, press F or tap the white Shutter Button to take your photo!
How to Take a Photo in Honkai Star Rail

After taking the photo, you’ll then have the option to save it to your library or edit it with a range of filters.

Where Are Honkai Star Rail Photos Saved?

On mobile devices saved photos should appear in your Photo Gallery.

PC players will have a more difficult time locating their images. All screenshots will appear in your Star Rail screenshots folder.

For us, that was here: Local Disk(C:)/Program Files/Star Rail/GamesStarRail_Data/Screenshots. However, results may differ depending on where you installed your game.

Honkai Star Rail How to Take a Photo

Bear in mind that if you’re taking a photo just for a mission or daily quest in Honkai: Star Rail you do not need to save the image after taking the picture. Instead, you can simply click the X to exit out without saving, and Honkai: Star Rail will count your objective as complete.

Taking photos is so quick and easy that you’ll always love to see Take a Photo on your list of Daily Training Missions.

And for those actually looking to capture the experience, HoYoverse has given photo fans a range of filters to play around with. These are all accessible via the Edit button after taking a photo, but that’s sadly as far as image-editing goes.

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