T-Pain confirms that he’s working on GTA 6 alongside Rockstar Games, and it means he’s having to take a backseat from GTA 5 RP.

We just got our first celebrity confirmation for Grand Theft Auto 6, and it’s none other than T-Pain himself. The iconic singer-songwriter and record producer confirmed his involvement with the highly-anticipated title in a clip from his recent livestream.

While streaming to his audience, Faheem Rashad Najm (better known as T-Pain) stated the real reason he doesn’t play on GTA 5 roleplay servers any longer is because he’s working on GTA 6.

T-Pain Confirms Work on GTA VI

In a new clip that’s making the round on social media, T-Pain explains to his audience why he took a step back from roleplaying on the GTA 5 NoPixel servers:

“I used to be on NoPixel. Then I started working on the f*cking, on GTA 6 and they told me I couldn’t do RP anymore…”

For those out of the loop, GTA 5 roleplay servers are lobbies where players are instructed to talk, act, and respond to others as the character they are playing.

GTA 5 RP recently became a major internet phenomenon, with millions either playing or watching their favorite streamers participating online.

This was T-Pain’s first confirmation that he is indeed working on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, and it’s quite likely that Rockstar Games wasn’t ready for him to reveal these details.

However, the artist may have his own bone to pick with the GTA developers after Rockstar Games recently hired Cfx.re, the team behind GTA 5’s biggest RP servers: FiveM and RedM.

“Then I started working on the game with them and then they teamed up with the people that kind of like make the RP shit.”

For the record, T-Pain doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge against Rockstar, though he appears to acknowledge the hypocrisy of the situation while laughing.

GTA 6 Protagonists on a Car

Why Is T-Pain Not Allowed to RP?

T-Pain’s explanation as to why Rockstar Games doesn’t allow him to participate in GTA 5 RP any longer was a little confusing:

“They had this whole speech, like, ‘What if somebody took your album and re-recorded it, and more people were listening to that'”

It sounds as though the developer wants the artist to focus their efforts solely on the upcoming GTA title, a sentiment to which T-Pain appears disappointed but understanding.

Is T-Pain In GTA 6?

Yes, it appears that T-Pain will have a presence in GTA 6 to some degree.

However, whether he’s voicing a character, appearing as a radio station DJ, recording music for the game’s soundtrack, or contributing in any other manner, we can’t be sure.

We’ll have to wait to find out more, and we don’t expect Rockstar Games to be eager to share just yet. However, if the company comments on the recent revelation, we’ll update this article accordingly.

GTA VI is set to release in 2025.

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