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Sykov Gameplay – Warzone’s Most Overpowered Gun Coming Soon?

Gameplay of what could be Warzone’s most powerful upcoming gun – the Sykov – has leaked.

There have been a number of Warzone leaks recently. However, this may be the most controversial one of them all.

Players are always wary of new guns coming to Warzone, and for good reason. Many guns like the DMR have arrived in Warzone way too overpowered.

Now that gameplay for the Sykov has been shared, players are very worried about what this could mean for Warzone.

Warzone Verdansk

Sykov Gameplay Revealed

Players previously got a glimpse of the Sykov after a lucky Warzone player found a hidden Blueprint in Warzone.

However, someone has now been able to unlock the gun in Modern Warfare and level it up.

Gameplay from Twitter account @ModernWarzone shows that the Sykov could be totally devastating in Warzone. He unlocked the gun to use in Modern Warfare’s survival mode and used it to mow down waves of enemies.

Players have also discovered another hidden weapon. Modern Warfare players can also unlock the RAAL MG early.

Warzone Squad

Will the Sykov be Overpowered in Warzone?

While it can’t be used in multiplayer or Warzone just yet, the pistol’s ridiculous firepower with the right attachments, could make it the new Warzone meta if it gets released.

Find out what the most popular gun in Warzone is right now.

Players can equip a barrel attachment to the Sykov which makes it fire automatically. It also has 80 round mags and can be wielded Akimbo.

This means that Warzone players could potentially wield two automatic weapons at once for the first time ever.

Akimbo and Dual Wield have been highly controversial in Warzone so far. Firstly the Akimbo Snakeshot Magnums were nerfed and then it was the Dual Wield Diamattis that were way too overpowered, until their huge nerf.

Players will hope that the Akimbo perk is removed from the Sykov or the gun gets a significant nerf before it is added into Warzone. Otherwise, it could end up being the most overpowered gun Warzone has ever seen.

Modern Warzone Twitter

Warzone players also have a load of upcoming new content to get excited about. A new Easter Egg is hinting at a Warzone event that could shake up the game forever.

With Season 2 on the horizon, Zombies could be coming to Warzone soon, according to this leak. Meanwhile, a fan-favorite Zombies character will also be one of the new operators for Season 2.

In addition to the Sykov, Warzone and Cold War Season 2 should also see the return of a classic Black Ops weapon.

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