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Sykov Stats Revealed – Warzone’s Most Overpowered Gun Ever?

The Sykov could be coming to Warzone soon, but will it be the most overpowered gun ever?

Warzone players are always looking for the most powerful weapons. However, this gun is so overpowered that it has the potential to ruin Warzone for everyone.

Players were worried about the potential introduction of the Sykov pistol for a while now. Players will be hoping the gun never comes to Warzone, now that the stats have been revealed.

Skyov Stats Revealed

Firstly, a lucky player found an unreleased Sykov blueprint in a game of Plunder. This sparked all of the investigations into the overpowered Sykov potentially coming to Warzone.

Next, players found out how to unlock the Sykov in Modern Warfare and got gameplay of the gun.

Now, players have measured all of the Sykov’s stats. JGOD’s new video reveals the potential stats of the Sykov pistol in Warzone and it looks totally broken.

warzone camper

The Sykov is a fairly standard pistol, however it has three attachments that can make it totally overpowered in Warzone.

The first is the full-auto barrel. This changes the Sykov’s firing from semi-auto to full auto at an extremely quick 897 RPM.

The time-to-kill for just one of the pistols with the full-auto barrel is quicker than any other weapon in Warzone. However, the Sykov van also be dual-wielded with the Akimbo attachment.

This isn’t the only new gun potentially coming to Warzone soon. Modern Warfare players have been able to unlock the hidden RAAL MG early.

Overpowered Akimbo Sykovs Coming to Warzone?

With the fully automatic barrel and the Akimbo attachment, the time-to-kill could be just 167 milliseconds. This is around 3 times quicker than the other highest TTK guns in Warzone.

Plus, there is an 80-round drum mag so players can potentially fire 160 shots without reloading using Akimbo Sykovs. This insane damage and huge ammo capacity of the Sykov is worrying Warzone players before the gun has even been officially announced.

JGOD YouTube

Meanwhile, the new Warzone patch has fixed a whole load of issues, including the frustrating hitmarker glitches.

A rumored Zombies mode could also be coming to Warzone soon. This could also link to the new Easter Egg in Warzone which suggests that a huge event could be on the way.

In addition to the Sykov leaking in Warzone, all of the Season 2 Battle Pass weapons have leaked early.

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