Diablo 4 has an array of weapons to find and equip, but players are confused about how to switch between them in combat. The process works a little differently from previous entries in the series, but once you understand how it’s done, switching weapons is easier than ever.

To switch weapons in Diablo 4, you need to use a skill that utilizes the weapon you want to switch to. For example, as a Barbarian, the Basic Skill ‘Frenzy’ will immediately equip the user’s Dual Wield weapons.

If the Barbarian then follows up with a different attack, that will instantly switch their weapons to match the skill’s requirements.

Skills in Diablo 4
Using each of these 3 skills will equip a different weapon

Barbarians can hold four different weapons at once, one in their Slashing slot, one in Two-Handed Bludgeoning, and two in Dual Wield.

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Where to Find Weapons in Diablo 4
All 4 Weapon Slots Available to the Barbarian Class

Rogues, on the other hand, have specific skills that will bring out their bow, dagger, or swords.

Because these classes specialize in combat with a variety of weapons, it’s important to keep improving or switching out your character’s arsenal with better items when possible.

Just be sure to salvage any old weapons you’re not using for some excellent rewards!

There is no way to simply swap your weapon with another one of your equipped items. Only by using a skill will you be able to change the weapon you’re fighting with.

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What Are Skills in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4’s skills are class-specific attacks and actions that players will typically use in combat. You can find the Skill Tree in the Abilities page, accessed by pressing the A key (Options/Menu then R1/RB).

Here you can unlock new skills with points gained by leveling up.

Once unlocked, any skill can be assigned to your hotbar directly from the Abilities page, allowing you to access it with the press of a button.

Skill Tree in Diablo 4
To assign a skill to your hotbar, use Left Click, or X/A on controller

How to Change a Skill’s Weapon in Diablo 4

Most skills will require a specific weapon type to perform, however a few more versatile actions can be performed with a number of options.

For example, the Barbarian’s Lunging Strike can use any weapon in the character’s arsenal.

In these cases, the skill will auto-select a weapon that will deal the most damage. However, should you prefer, you can switch the assigned weapon for that skill by pressing the middle mouse button while hovering over it in your hotbar.

Change a Skill's Weapon in Diablo 4
Lunging Strike has auto-selected the weapon that would deal the most damage, but it can be changed manually.

Console players must head back to the Abilities page, press in the Left Analog Stick, and use Square/X to toggle through the skill’s available weapons).

Now that you know how to switch weapons, don’t miss out on taking down the Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss before it’s too late!

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