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Switch Pro is Not in Development, Claims Nintendo

All of the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors might have been fake!

Nintendo has only just announced a new iteration of their hit hybrid console, the Switch. However, the new Switch OLED model has left fans disappointed.

Beyond the screen, the Switch OLED has very few hardware upgrades, disappointing fans. This has prompted Nintendo fans to hope for another improved console in the near future – the Switch Pro.

Even a Nintendo employee has urged fans not to buy the Switch OLED.

Players still had hope for an improved model of the console a bit further down the line, but Nintendo could have crushed those Switch Pro dreams already.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Joycon

“No Plans” For Switch Pro, Says Nintendo

Just a couple of weeks after trusted videogames insider Jeff Grubb claimed that a new 4K DLSS Switch could arrive in 2022, Nintendo has crushed that Switch Pro rumor.

A new tweet from the company has revealed that the only console that they plan on launching is, in fact, the Switch OLED. The company tweeted:

“We also want to clarify that we just announced that Nintendo Switch(OLED Model) will launch in October, 2021, and have no plans for launching any other model at this time.”


This will be crushing news for Nintendo fans who want a more powerful Switch console. However, this still doesn’t rule out a Nintendo Switch Pro later down the line.

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Whether we see a new and much-improved Nintendo Switch in the future is still up in the air. Considering the huge Switch sales numbers, a Switch Pro seems likely, but it won’t be coming any time soon.

Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Order

Meanwhile, online gamers can find out how to buy a Switch OLED dock separately. It comes with an ethernet port and can be used with the original Switch model.

Also, a leak has revealed that Pokemon Legends Arceus will get a huge upgrade on Nintendo Switch Pro. Is this leak enough to suggest that an upgraded console could secretly be on Nintendo’s mind?

Finally, the biggest problem that the Switch Pro would hopefully fix is Joycon drift. But, for now, find out how to permanently fix Joy-Con drift.

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