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Nintendo Switch Pro Could Feature Ray-Tracing Nvidia Graphics Card

The Nintendo Switch Pro may feature Ada Lovelace – and we’re not talking about a 19th Century scholar, but an Nvidia GPU. One that enables ray-tracing.

It feels like the Nintendo Switch Pro news we report has evolved. It used to be speculation about the console’s existence – now it’s chasing down rumors about what the console will feature.

Our point is we’re confident the Switch Pro is real now. And while Nintendo has made multiple efforts to throw us off the scent, the rumors that it’s coming in 2021 are looking increasingly likely.

We previously reported that the console will feature 720p screens provided by Samsung but will be capable of 4K when docked. But that may not be the only trick the Nintendo Switch Pro has up its sleeve.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image

Multiple rumors suggest that the console will feature an Nvidia GPU. Nvidia may also cease production of the Tegra X1 chipset, which powers the existing Switch models.

If true, Nintendo could be phasing out all old and current Switch models and replacing them with something new.

Bloomberg reported that Nvidia is working on a new chipset called Ada Lovelace. And that the Ada Lovelace architecture will replace the company’s existing Ampere technology.

It’s named after THE Ada Lovelace, a mathematician who’s considered the world’s first computer programmer by many.

New Leaks Suggest Switch Pro Could Feature Ray-Tracing

Leaker kopite7kimi (who has a reliable track record), responded on Twitter to the recent story about Nvidia making a new GPU for Switch Pro with the word ‘Ada.’

Now the Ada Lovelace architecture is an absolute beast; therefore, it’s unlikely that the GPU itself will power a portable games console. If it did, then the Switch Pro would be three times the size of the PS5!

To put it in perspective, the PS5 is just over 10 teraflops, the current Switch is one teraflop, and the Lovelace architecture is said to run at 64 teraflops. However, the Switch Pro could use some variant of the system for its new chipset.

This is significant because the Ada Lovelace architecture is capable of facilitating rapid ray-tracing technology.

Therefore, it’s entirely possible that if Nintendo is working with Nvidia to use some variant of this technology – then the Switch Pro may well feature ray-tracing.

Take the above with a pinch of salt. But when examining all these rumors together; a clearer picture is starting to emerge when it comes to the Switch Pro. Surely not all of these rumors will turn out to be wrong?

We’ve also heard that the Switch Pro will feature some exclusive games – which won’t be coming to existing console models. The console may be entering production as early as this summer.

Current rumors suggest the Switch Pro is coming before March 2022 – which may mean it’s due for release during Holiday 2021.

So much for “no time soon,” eh Nintendo?

Souce: Bloomberg

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