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Nintendo Switch eShop Has New Releases – What’s Coming?

2021 has only just begun, and Nintendo plans to kickstart the year with some exciting new games. Here's what we'll be seeing on the Nintendo Switch eShop!

Some major Switch titles could be coming later this year, and with the possibility of a Switch Pro on the way, we could all use some new games to keep us occupied until then.

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New on the Nintendo Switch eShop

Travel Mosaics 7: Fantastic Berlin (January 4th, JetDogs, $8.99)

140 nonogram puzzles that create unique images as you play. Great for all ages!

Iris.Fall (January 7th, PM Studios, $19.99)

An adventure-puzzle game with a unique monotone color palette, players must use light and shadow to help them navigate two different realities.

Kingdom Tales 2 (January 7th, Ocean Media, $9.99)

Help reunite Finn and Princess Dahla! Kingdom Tales 2 is a strategy game that lets you build, explore, and outsmart spies.

Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story (January 7th, eastasiasoft, $19.99)

Combining adventure mechanics with a horror narrative, this ghostly game emphasizes slow pacing and tension-building to really creep out its players.

Stardash (January 7th, Orange Pixel, $9.99)

This platformer is styled after retro arcade games, so it's notoriously difficult!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest (January 7th, Walkabout Games, $14.99 currently $13.49 on sale!)

An RPG inspired by the tabletop game of the same name.

SuperMoose (January 8th, Ultimate Games, $7.99)

This whimsical adventure game has an unexpected anti-hero: a moose.

Monster Hunter Rise (January 7th, Capcom, DEMO)

The next chapter of the critically-acclaimed Monster Hunter series. Players can experience the demo quests until February 1st, 2021.

The full version will be released on March 26th. However, players can play the Monster Hunter Rise demo forever, using this method.

Are you having problems with the Nintendo eShop? It could be because of the Monster Hunter Rise demo.

Coming to the Switch eShop Soon

Radio Commandor (January 11th, Console Labs, $14.99)

Set in the Vietnam War, you play a military commander serving in the US Army. This strategy game uniquely sends you commands in the form of radio statements.

Grand Prix Racing (January 11th, Pix Arts, $5.99)

Can't fork out $59.99 for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? You could always sacrifice a bit of quality for Pix Art's alternative.

Wrestling Empire (January 11th, MDickie, $19.99)

Join up to 4 controllers for this old-school multiplayer game. Grab your friends, jump in the ring, and see who comes out on top!

Yumemidori Nostalgia (January 11th, OperaHouse, $19.99)

It's said that if you follow a butterfly through the main gate of Gojukkan Street, you meet your soulmate. Travel back in time, encounter the beauty of Yoshiwara, and meet new people along the way.

Dead Ground (January 12th, Ultimate Games, $9.99)

A fast-paced tower defense game with unique, procedurally generated levels.

Epitaph (January 12th, Everook, $12.99)

Fight your opponent in tactical combat! A game set in the afterlife that is, naturally, filled with reapers, danger, and death.

Mahjong Adventure (January 12th, Fantastico Studio, $7.99)

Mahjong Adventure will have you reminiscing about Windows 3.1. Match pairs of identical tiles until the board is clear!

SUM - Slay Uncool Monsters (January 12th, Doomster Entertainment, $5.99)

An adorably-designed pixel combat game that requires strategy, bravery, and math!

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We hope this handy-dandy guide to the Switch eShop's latest releases has given you some fun new games to try out!

Want to hear about some bigger releases? Here's what we know about the possible release of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.

There could also be a Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake on the way.

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