New leaks have revealed the specs of the Nintendo Switch 2 – and it looks like the new console will have a significant RAM upgrade!

Nintendo has finally confirmed that it is developing its next console, but has revealed very little about it just yet.

In fact, all we know so far is that it will be the “next model” of the Switch. This means that it’ll almost certainly be another hybrid console with a similar design.

Despite the lack of official information so far, there have been a number of leaks surrounding the Switch successor recently.

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Last week, plenty of new Switch 2 features leaked online, such as backwards compatibility and magnetic Joy-Cons.

Now, Nintendo fans could have found out information about some of the console’s specs, including RAM and internal storage!

Leaks Reveal Switch 2 RAM & Specs

New information shared on Famiboards, a Nintendo discussion forum, claims to have found some of the specs for the Switch 2 using shipment data.

By tracking shipment and customs data for components over the past couple of months, members of the Famiboards forum have worked out that the Switch 2 will have:

  • 12GB of RAM ( two 6GB 7500 MT/s LPDDR5 RAM modules)
  • 256GB of Universal Flash Storage (UFS 3.1)

If accurate, these specs would be a significant upgrade for both RAM and internal storage for the Switch 2. This would allow faster load times, improved graphics and frame rates, and many more games to be installed without buying an extra SD card.

For comparison, the original Switch has just 4GB of RAM and a built-in internal storage of just 32GB. The possible 12GB of RAM in the Switch 2 would be slightly higher than the Xbox Series S’ 10GB.

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While taking information from shipping data is a very accurate way to obtain these potential Switch 2 specs, Nintendo has not confirmed this information yet. Therefore, take it with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation.

Unfortunately, the Switch 2 reveal will probably happen in Fall 2024. Until then, this leak will likely remain unconfirmed.

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