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Surprising Warzone Verdansk Destruction Event Revealed By Leaker

A leaker has found a surprising inclusion for the upcoming Verdansk destruction event in Warzone.

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the destruction of Verdansk. The event seems like it is round the corner and a nuke could potentially be dropped on the Warzone map.

However, a leaker has found an unexpected inclusion in the upcoming destruction of Verdansk.

Warzone Verdansk Destruction Event

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding potential destruction events in Warzone, like this hint that Dam will burst and cause a flood in Season 2. However, none seem quite as cool as this one.

Yes it seems ridiculous, but reliable Call of Duty data-miner @CallOfDutyHope found an in game file that suggests that Verdansk could be taken over by a whole load of lava or magma.

The bright orange map found in the game files perfectly matches Verdansk. Therefore, it’s certain to say that something bad will happen to around half of the map.

Another leaker, @_Nanikos_, has also found evidence of a magma texture in the Warzone game files, so it seems likely that Warzone players could see some lava in the upcoming Verdansk destruction event.

CallofDutyHope Twitter

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The leaker was also shown in-game files listed as “magma_helo_exfil_fullteam”. It is thought that this is an exfil animation for winning Warzone squads, but changed for the upcoming Verdansk destruction event.

This further points towards the leak being true.

The leaker also believes that if the event doesn’t have actual magma, then ‘Magma’ is the codename that Raven is using for the new Warzone destruction event.

A destruction event could also lead to a new Warzone map. Find out the possible release date for the new Warzone map.

CallofDutyHope Twitter

Warzone Nuke Causes Lava?

The leaker does not say exactly what will cause lava to overtake the Warzone map yet, or if it will even happen. However, it is probably linked to the rumors of a nuke destroying Verdansk.

With new missile silos appearing across Verdansk, nukes launching is the most likely cause of the Verdansk destruction event. Find out the locations of all the new missile bunkers in Warzone using our handy map.

Meanwhile, the Warzone Season 2 update has potentially fixed the infinite stim glitch once and for all.

There is also a new point of interest in Verdansk full of zombies. However, there is a major problem with the Shipwreck POI in Warzone.

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