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Surprising Best Lethal Equipment For Every Loadout in Warzone

Find out the best lethal equipment in Warzone – it’s a surprising one!

Warzone has plenty of lethal equipment options to choose from. All the way from a Throwing Knife to sticky explosives, Warzone has it all.

However, it seems like one rather unpopular lethal equipment could actually be the more powerful, according to some new testing.

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What Is The Best Lethal Equipment in Warzone?

C4 used to be by far the best lethal equipment in Warzone because you could easily blow up vehicles with it. Some players still use it with this simple trick to get easy team wipes, but it was nerfed so that you can’t throw it very far anymore.

Meanwhile, many players transitioned to using Semtex because you can throw it a lot further than C4 and it does a reasonable amount of explosive damage. Although, it isn’t very effective against players using the E.O.D perk or vehicles.

Thirdly, some top-tier players have started to use the Throwing Knife. This is especially useful in kill-race tournaments because it lets you eliminate downed players immediately.

Check out the best Warzone Throwing Knife strategy for quick eliminations.

However, there is one overlooked option that is better than these three popular choices – the Molotov Cocktail.

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Molotovs are Underrated in Warzone

YouTuber Xclusive Ace recently made a video claiming that the Molotov was the best lethal equipment in Warzone. And it’s hard to argue with his reasoning.

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Firstly, Molotovs are great for area denial. It is perfect for getting players out of cover as the fire on the ground lasts for 7.5 seconds and has a radius of 2.7m.

The Molotov Cocktail also has pretty decent damage too. A player standing in the flames will die in 3.15 seconds and even opponents using E.O.D can only last 4.5 seconds.

Warzone Best Lethal Equipment Molotov Cocktail

Last, but not least, the Molotov is the best counter to players in Cargo Trucks. This is a huge problem in Solos especially as players are abusing the Bertha to get easy wins.

The reason why Molotovs are so effective against Cargo Trucks is that if you throw it on the bonnet or windshield, players have to get out otherwise they will die. While this doesn’t destroy the truck, it is the most effective way to force a player out of the Bertha.

Hopefully, Molotovs will be just as effective against all of these leaked vehicles that could come to Warzone soon as well.

Therefore, the Molotov is the best lethal equipment in Warzone. Make sure to add it to your Warzone loadouts and also check out Xclusive Ace‘s video below for all of the details.

Meanwhile, the Warzone developer has given an update on the game’s anti-cheat system. This better remove the cheaters once as for all as they are now using the most powerful hacks yet!

Finally, players have found the first in-game hint for the new 1980s Verdansk map. Let’s hope this map arrives soon!

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