A new Transformers Quest in Fortnite tasks players find destroying a Supply Drone at a Hot Spot on the island. Here’s where to find the handy little robot helpers.

Hot Spots were a gameplay mechanic that first appeared all the way back in Chapter 1 Season 9. Now all these years later, in Chapter 4 Season 3, the mechanic is still around and gives players a way to get their hands on bonus loot at the start of each game.

Here’s how to find a Hot Spot and its loot-filled Supply Drones in Fortnite:

Where Are Supply Drones Found in Fortnite?

Supply Drones are little flying drones carrying loot crates that can be found at Hot Spots (POIs with gold names) at the start of every game of Fortnite.

As players prepare to drop in via the Battle Bus, up to 3 POIs will randomly be assigned as Hot Spots for that match. Players can easily see which locations are considered Hot Spots, as their names will be gold on the map.

Where to Find Hot Spots in Fortnite

Hot Spots can be assigned to any of the named POIs on the Fortnite map, and there’s no way of telling which ones will appear until you’re in the pre-game lobby.

Once you’re waiting for your match, simply pull up the map and you’ll see which locations are considered ‘Hot’ in that game.

Then, simply drop at that Point of Interest and you’ll see a number of Supply Drones whizzing around in the sky.

Where to Find Supply Drones in Fortnite Hot Spots

How to Destroy Supply Drones at Hot Spots

To complete your Transformers Quest in Fortnite, simply drop at a POI with a name that’s highlighted in gold, find a weapon, and shoot down 10 of the airborne Supply Drones.

Each one will drop loot directly beneath itself as it is destroyed, leaving you very well equipped.

But be wary, as Hot Spots are almost always very heavily occupied by enemies who also want to take advantage of the loot on offer.

Supply Drones at a Fortnite Hot Spot

It is likely that you’ll need to visit 2 Hot Spots in order to destroy all 10 Supply Drones required for this challenge. However, never fear, as progress does carry over between games.

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