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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Minecraft DLC Release Date Revealed

The ‘Steve and Alex’ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft DLC, will be released on the 13th of October. They come as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol.2.

For those who don’t already have the above pack, the Minecraft DLC will cost $5.99.

Today’s presentation was led by game director Masahiro Sakurai, who was on form giving his usually charismatic performance.

He also revealed the release date and a whole host of other exciting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft tidbits.  

The show lasted around 45 minutes and showed a significant amount of gameplay footage featuring the new DLC pack. Steve, Alex and their other blocky friends fit seamlessly into the Super Smash Bros. world.

Each will be a fully-fledged Super Smash Bros. fighter, with their own set of unique Minecraft themed moves and abilities. New Mii Fighters will also be included!

Zombie and Enderman seem to just be additional skins which may be disappointing to some. On top of this, both Steve and Alex will have two separate skins which will be unique to them.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft Gameplay Features

Naturally, both characters will be able to ‘craft’ and improve their tools, this will be centric to how each of the new fighters play. So gathering materials and crafting will still feature prominently, like it does in Minecraft.

Even the way both characters interact with scenery is reminiscent of classic Minecraft. The developers needed to repurpose every stage to allow these new features to work across all stages.

Steve Minecraft Smash DLC

Power-ups will also be Minecraft themed by the looks of it. The grab attack will also involve a fishing rod, which we thought was a nice touch!

A new arena will also be introduced called Minecraft World. Although it will be comprised of 6 individuals ‘biomes’ from Minecraft itself, these will be: Plains, Birch Forest, Savanna, Taiga, Snowy Tundra and Stone Shore.

Music from Minecraft will also be included for a truly authentic feel. A total of 7 tracks have been selected including: Halland, Dalarna, Earth Clockwork Crafter, Toys on a Tear, Dance of the Blocks, Glide and finally The Arch-Illager.

More Is Still To Come

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft DLC is just the latest update in the Fighters Pass Vol.2. More slots are still open meaning more fighters are still to be announced.

Arms character Min-Min was the last fighter to be released before the Minecraft DLC was announced, but there are still places that need to be filled.

There are now 4 vacant spots, each to be filled by future characters as part of the Fighters Pass Vol.2. There were 6 spots originally, with Min Min filling one and Steve and Alex sharing another slot.

Including the Zombie and Enderman skins, that means all 4 Minecraft DLC characters only fill one-character slot. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as to who will fill the next ‘Challenger Pack’ when Nintendo reveal it.

Until then, we have Steve and Alex, who've been in the works for years, to look forward to in all their blocky low resolution glory!

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