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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Reveals Pyra & Mythra’s Movesets

Pyra and Mythra are Super Smash Bros Ultimate's latest two-in-one character, and we finally know their movesets.

The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters are finally no longer a mystery.

Since the reveal trailer for Pyra and Mythra in Smash Bros, fans have been wondering what the characters' movesets will be like. After all, this is a rather creative new addition to the game's roster, with the two Blades being able to swap freely between one another.

pyra mythra smash ultimate movesets
(Source: Nintendo)

Pyra is a flame-wielder, whereas Mythra utilizes the power of light. But both of the characters are effective in combat, each bringing different specialties to the table.

Now, we finally have the full movesets for Pyra and Mythra in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Pyra and Mythra Full Movesets - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thanks to the recent 'Mr Sakurai Presents' livestream, we know almost everything about Pyra and Mythra's moveset in Smash Ultimate.

The recent livestream revealed new details about the upcoming characters, as well as their playstyles.

Pyra appears to hit much harder and with more reach than Mythra. However, Mythra is far faster, by contrast.

Use the two fighters in tandem, and you've got a devastating combination!

We've learned the release date for Pyra and Mythra in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - and it's not a long wait!

Without further ado, here's how Pyra and Mythra's movesets look in-game.

Pyra's Moveset - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Pyra Moveset
(Source: Nintendo)

Special Smash Attack: Smash Flare

Thanks to Pyra's powers of fire, the fighter can use the Smash Flare ability to power up her smash attacks.

Special: Flame Nova

Pyra spins the Aegis Sword around her, creating a ring of fire that hits on both sides of the fighter before launching enemies. Charging the attack before releasing will deal huge damage, and Pyra can move slightly while unleashing the move.

Flicking the stick as you input the attack will cause it to travel further.

Side Special: Blazing End

Pyra tosses the Aegis Sword, which spins in the air ahead of her before returning. The fighter can move and grab the Blade early, to save time on the return.

Up Special: Prominence Revolt

As Pyra's recovery move, the Blade leaps up into the air before plunging down, dealing damage in both directions. The attack is incredibly quick to start up, and deals incredible damage, making it an excellent finisher.

Down Special: Swap to Mythra

In an instant, Pyra exchanges places with Mythra, allowing players to take control of an entirely new fighter. This move has a brief invincibility period, making it an excellent dodge for skilled users.

Final Smash: Burning Sword

Pyra joins forces with Rex to create a huge flaming sword, swiping upwards in an arc and delivering tremendous damage.

Mythra's Moveset - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mythra Moveset Smash Bros Ultimate
(Source: Nintendo)

Special: Lightning Buster

Mythra charges up before delivering a series of devastating slashes directly in front of her. Charging the attack will extend the reach and even add one additional slash.

Side Special: Photon Edge

Moving with incredible speed, Mythra blinks across the stage, slashing repeatedly as she goes. This is a fast attack and perfect for recovery, but it leaves you vulnerable if used incorrectly.

Up Special: Ray of Punishment

Like Pyra, Mythra leaps up high for her up special. However, instead of falling down, the fighter fires a blast down at the enemies below. This can also be upgraded to Chroma Dust, to fire multiple projectiles, when holding or repeatedly pressing the special button.

Dodge Special: Foresight

Mythra uses the power of Foresight to see any incoming attack before it lands, dodging to the side taking reduced damage.

Down Special: Swap to Pyra

In an instant, Mythra exchanges places with Pyra, allowing players to take control of an entirely new fighter. This move has a brief invincibility period, making it an excellent dodge for skilled users.

Final Smash: Sacred Arrow

Mythra joins forces with Rex to rain down light blasts from the heavens, damaging enemies in front of the duo. This is a damage-dealing Final Smash, as opposed to Pyra's finishing move.

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(Source: Nintendo)

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