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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leak Reveals New Character Release Is Imminent

A new Nintendo leak suggests that the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters will release very soon. Here’s what we know.

Nintendo’s recent Direct presentation was a mixed bag. It held back the big news in favor of smaller but no less exciting updates about future and existing games.

Although, we think many Pokemon fans may now understand why this was the case!

However, one of the standouts to the show was how it handled the reveal of the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters; Pyra and Mythra, from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

When protagonist Rex started talking during the trailer, many fans thought this was DLC for XC2 or perhaps a sequel. Instead, it was an elaborate Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter reveal!

Now according to the latest leak, these fighters may release in the next few days. The leak shows a screengrab of the upcoming Version.11.0.0 update – which might drop imminently.

SSBU leak

Pyra and Mythra Release Date - Smash Bros Ultimate

It’s believed that this update is to prepare the software for the latest content, which just so happens to be Pyra and Mythra.

This means that the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters will arrive sooner than expected. Earlier reports suggested that Pyra and Mythra would arrive sometime later in March, but if the leak is accurate, this could be anytime now.

Nintendo will host a Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation tomorrow, on the 4th of March. The show will shed more light on the update and will hopefully provide a concrete release date for Pyra and Mythra.

Both characters (who are sort of the same person, it’s complicated) will make an appearance at the show, which is said to be “roughly 35 minutes long.”

Therefore, we expect we’ll get a good look at the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters. They may even release during or straight after the show concludes if this leak is anything to go by.

Nintendo leaks are dropping all over the place at the moment; we’ve also seen one regarding the release date of Splatoon 3.

Those of you who are still disappointed by the lack of Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 news at the Nintendo Direct presentation can breathe easy. Nintendo is still planning to celebrate Zelda’s 35th anniversary in style at some point this year.

They’ve also assured us that BOTW 2 news is coming soon too.  

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