Got your hands on some Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3? Here’s how to use them and what they actually do.

Super Sea Snails are some of Splatoon 3’s most precious resources, and they’re not something you want to waste. Not only are they tricky to get your hands on, but they’re available in a rather limited quantity!

Here’s everything you need to know about Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3.

How to Get Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3

Super Sea Snails are distributed as a reward at the end of Splatfest events in Splatoon 3. Players will get more Super Sea Snails based on their Splatfest Rank and the amount of work they put in for their team.

The more you’ve played and inked turf in the latest Splatfest, the more Sea Snails you’ll get your hands on. What’s more, players on the winning team will get even more Super Sea Snails as a prize.

three inklings holding various weapons from Splatoon 3 bashing into each other while grinning with blue, red and yelllow ink exploding in the middle of them

And because Splatfests will eventually come to an end at the conclusion of Splatoon 3’s live service, that makes Super Sea Snails a fairly limited resource.

What’s more, miss out on a Splatfest entirely, and you won’t be earning any of the exclusive items.

But what can they actually be used for?

Where to Use Super Sea Snails

To use your Super Sea Snails, you’ll need to talk to Murch, who sits just to the right of the Lobby entrance. Head up the stairs when loading into Splatoon 3, and you’ll see him in front of you, to the right of the Lobby door.

Murch location in Splatoon 3

Interact with him by using the A button, and he’ll allow you to spend Super Sea Snails for a few exclusive services.

What Can You Use Super Sea Snails For?

Super Sea Snails can be used to Boost Star Power or Reroll Slots on your clothing items in Splatoon 3. Each item of clothing gives Splatoon players exclusive boosts to help them in-game, so your choice of fashion is important if you want to be the best!

What Can You Use Super Sea Snails For

Boost Star Power

Cost: 1 Super Sea Snail for Level 1 & 2, then 5/10/20 to get to Level 3/4/5 respectively.

Asking Murch to Boost Star Power for an item will increase the number of secondary ability slots of your gear, and eventually boost its Ability Chunk farming.

Although you won’t be able to unlock more than 3 abilities for your gear, there’s still a small bonus for boosting Star Power. But the price of upgrading your gear past 2 Star Power gets increasingly steep.

Here’s a breakdown of what an item’s Star Power means in Splatoon 3:

  • 0 Star: 1 Secondary Ability
  • 1 Star: 2 Secondary Abilities
  • 2 Star: 3 Secondary Abilities
  • 3 Star: 3 Secondary Abilities & 3% Boost to Ability Chunk Drops
  • 4 Star: 3 Secondary Abilities & 6% Boost to Ability Chunk Drops
  • 5 Star: 3 Secondary Abilities & 10% Boost to Ability Chunk Drops

If you’re wearing an item of clothing from the Splatoon in-game shops, simply purchasing the item from the store again is a much cheaper way of boosting your item’s Star Power.

Splatoon 3 Gear and Abilities

Reroll Slots

Cost: 1 Super Sea Snail

If you’re not a fan of the abilities your favorite clothes have, you can ask Murch to Reroll your gear’s slots. This will change all of your item’s abilities to new ones at random, allowing you to potentially boost an item’s viability.

Don’t worry though, as you do keep the Ability Chunks that you replace, allowing you to save up and add the replaced ability to another item in the future.

For both of Murch’s Super Sea Snail purchases, make sure you know what the best abilities in Splatoon 3 are, so you know what to shoot for!

If you want more Snails, you’ll need to wait until the next Splatfest. In the meantime, did you know there’s a Secret Kettle to unlock in Splatoon 3?

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