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Super Nintendo World Japan Teases First Non-Mario Character

The hype for Super Nintendo World Japan grows as more images begin to appear on the internet. Some are pictures of the park and its attractions, while others are promotional materials.

Until now, all promotional material has focused on Mario and other characters from the Super Mario franchise, such as Luigi, Bowser, Peach, etc. Although now the first glimpse of a none related eagle-eyed fans had spotted Mario character.

The character is none other than a Pikmin from the franchise of the same name. You can spot the creature in the background, sprouting a daisy from its head!

Pikmin is that you?

It’s hard to spot and may be an accident on Nintendo’s part. But it finally gives us confirmation that other Nintendo related franchise characters will be among the attractions at Super Mario World Japan.

Pikmin is Published by Nintendo, making it a Nintendo franchise. Pikmin 3 was released as a Wii U exclusive but is due for release on Switch on the 30th of October 2020.

Who Else Will We See At Super Nintendo World?

While it’s great to see a Pikmin pop up in the promotional art for Super Nintendo World, we’re now keen to see who’ll be next.

It’s safe to assume all Nintendo’s significant franchises will get some love at the theme park and may even get their own themed attractions.

We believe characters from other Nintendo games are a safe bet, such as Link, Zelda. With a sequel to Zelda Breath of The Wild in development, it would make sense for Nintendo to promote this.

Super Nintendo World Japan 2021

We also expect to see Samus from the Metroid games make an appearance. Also, can you really imagine a Super Nintendo World Japan without a heavy dose of Pokémon?

Recent character additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may also give us an insight into who else could pop up at the theme park. The game often adds guest characters from other games who’ve struck up deals with Nintendo.

So really, the skies the limit! Here’s everything we know about Super Nintendo World, including when the park will open to the public.