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Super Nintendo World Coming To Universal Studios Japan In 2021

According to the Japanese website Kai-You, a Nintendo theme park is coming in spring 2021. Super Nintendo World will be part of Universal Studios Japan.

It’s expected to feature rides and attractions all based on popular Nintendo characters and franchises. Mario, Pokémon, Metroid, and Zelda are all expected to be featured in some capacity.  

Super Nintendo World was originally planned to open in July of 2020, but plans were put on hold due to COVID-19. As viable treatments and a potential vaccine could be on the horizon by early 2021, Universal Studios are aiming for a spring opening.

According to Kotaku, April has been touted as a possible opening date. Japan is also expected to lift its ban on tourists by then too.

What Will Super Mario World Look Like?

Images and leaks from the theme park show a ‘Mario Café and Store’. This will sell official Nintendo merchandise and likely offer Mario themed snacks.

We strongly suspect mushrooms will be involved. Although so far, all we’ve caught a glimpse of is pancake sandwiches in the Super Nintendo World cafes.

They happen to be shaped like Mario’s hat from his most recent outing in the Nintendo Switch. We expect we'll get a sneak peek at more Nintendo themed merchandise and food on offer by opening time.

Close Ties To Gaming

While this is simply speculation on our part, we imagine Super Nintendo World will wear its videogame heritage proudly. Meaning it could offer some kind of connection to the games and consoles more than a theme.

For example, the theme park could run events where visitors bring their Nintendo Switch consoles and challenge one another. After all, Japan had PSP/PS Vita cafés for years.

They could also run Nintendo Direct or Tree House events from there. Or events like the recent Super Smash Bros. announcement.

This would be very exciting and allow fan engagement while they happen.

It also offers some golden opportunities to engage in Nintendo themed e-sports. It could also make an excellent venue for Pokémon events, especially Pokémon Go.

Although most of all Super Nintendo World will be a place for families, offering Nintendo themed fun but in real life.

Check out the trailer below:

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