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Top 20 Strongest FIFA 21 Players – Highest Strength FUT Card Ratings

Strength is a key factor in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, as it's very beneficial to have physically strong players all throughout your Squad. We're here to help with a shopping guide outlining the 20 strongest players in FUT 21.

Having a high Strength rating can help in many different situations during FUT gameplay. Jostling for position on the pitch, holding off a defender to shield the ball away, and of course getting stuck in for those 50/50 challenges.

The Strength rating is one of four ratings which make up the Physicality card stat. It's valued by FUT Managers in positions all throughout the side.

The following 20 players are those with the highest Strength rating in FUT 21, regardless of position. FUT Coin prices are accurate as of October 22, 2020, they are also subject to change.

Strongest FUT 21 Players (Any Position)

20. Sidnei Rechel da Silva Júnior (93 Strength)

Real Betis - 950/1.2k FUT Coins

FIFA 21 Sidnei Rechel 79 FUT Card

Sidnei's 93 Strength is by far his greatest rating. He's capable defensively, as referenced by his 80 Interceptions and 78 Tackling ratings.

A bonus, this Ox of a Center Back has 81 Jumping and 6'1'' height. Enabling Sidnei to clear set pieces and 77 Heading Accuracy will make for a decent set piece target.

19. Duván Zapata (93 Strength)

Atalanta - 1.2k/1.1k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Duván Zapata 83 FUT Card

A big, physical Striker, the Columbian uses his 93 Strength to hold off opposing Serie A Defenders. He has very good 88 Finishing and 86 Shot Power to pair with 86 Positioning.

The gameplay with Zapata is simple, get it to him in the box and let him muscle it across the line. Four star Skill Moves means he's good for getting out of a tight space.

18. Issa Marega (93 Strength)

Châteauroux - 750 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Issa Marega 64 FUT Card

This young French Center Back has elite size and strength (6'5'' 93 Strength), and that's about it. Dreadful 38 Pace won't be forgiving and 53 Dribbling/Passing is a liability on the ball.

He does have a high Defensive Work Rate and decent 71 Stamina, but this young player is best left alone at this point.

17. Niklas Süle (93 Strength)

Bayern Munich - 3.7k/4.4k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Niklas Süle 84 FUT Card

Making his second Gaming Intel FIFA list, Süle was also one of our recommend Bundesliga Defenders Best Value Under 5k. He has a fascinating combination of skills, 93 Strength, 6'5'' size, yet still fast with 83 Sprint Speed.

His Defending is stellar as 81 Interceptions is his lowest rating of the category. Süle is a great defensive option at this point in the FUT 21 season.

16. Willy Boly (93 Strength)

Wolves - 850/1k FUT Coins

FIFA 21 Willy Boly 80 FUT Card

The big Wolverhampton Center Back is a respected Defender in England's top flight. He's strong in a tackle (93 Strength, 83 Standing Tackle) and calm on the ball (80 Composure, Four star Weak Foot).

6'5'' with 80 Jumping and Heading Accuracy means you should target Boly in the box on corners. At only 1k FUT Coins, Boly just missed the cut for best value Premier League buys under 5k.

15. Abdoulaye Seck (93 Strength)

Royal Antwerp FC - 600 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Abdoulaye Seck 69 FUT Card

A 28 year old Senegalese Center Back, Seck is getting his first taste of European football this season with Royal Antwerp qualifying for the Europa League. For only 600 FUT Coins, his physical tools are decent return on investment.

93 Strength, 75 Pace, 83 Aggression, 6'4'' Height, and a Four star Weak Foot will offer place holding value until a better card can replace.

14. Mateo Pavlović (93 Strength)

Ligue 1 Conforama - 600/800 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Mateo Pavlović 75 FUT Card

A towering Croatian Center Half, Pavlović is an anchor, in both a good and bad sense. 93 Strength and 83 Aggression are stellar, but his 31 Pace is immobile as they come.

If nothing else, he offers the ability to defend and attack set pieces alike, with 6'5'' height and 79 Jumping.

13. Obbi Oularé (94 Strength)

Standard Liège - 800 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Obbi Oularé 71 FUT Card

The young Belgian Striker has a simple approach. His game is all about power, with 94 Strength and 82 Shot Power.

70 Positioning and Finishing is decent enough for only 800 FUT Coins. And his 6'5'' stature with 74 Heading Accuracy can effectively operate as a target man.

12. Tomáš Petrášek (94 Strength)

Raków Częstochowa - 700 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Tomáš Petrášek 67 FUT Card

The 6'6'' Czech Center Back pairs 94 Strength with decent 73 Sprint Speed and 76 Jumping. He also has intriguing 70 Shot Power should he ever let fly.

The on-ball stats leave much to be desired here (46 Short Passing, 42 Long Passing, 37 Dribbling). Petrášek doesn't offer enough to garner investment at this point in time.

11. Stefan Maierhofer (94 Strength)

Admira Wacker - 400 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Stefan Maierhofer 63 FUT Card

Now 38 years old in the 18th year of his professional career, Maierhofer's 6'8'' Rare Bronze card is a collectors item at this point. He's played for Bayern Munich, Wolves, Bristol City, and RB Salzburg among a myriad of other clubs.

To no surprise, he carries lowly 30 Pace and 44 Dribbling ratings. However, his unbelievable size, 94 Strength, 84 Heading Accuracy, 88 Aggression, and 78 Shot Power have to be fun in brief cameo's.

10. Felipe Carvalho (94 Strength)

Vålerenga Fotball - 500 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Felipe Carvalho 68 FUT Card

For just 500 FUT Coins, the Uruguayan Center Back provides FUT Managers decent tools to work with. 94 Strength, 75 Sprint Speed, 92 Jumping, and 83 Aggression are all premiums at the position.

For a Center Back, he can provide the occasional cracker as shown by his 75 Shot Power and 51 Long Shots ratings.

9. Florian Ballas (94 Strength)

Erzgebirge Aue - 900 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Florian Ballas 68 FUT Card

Another big, lumbering, Center Half, Ballas doesn't offer much outside his 94 Strength. 55 Pace, 46 Passing, and 42 Dribbling highlight some of his shortcomings.

He carries decent 70 Aggression and 67 Defending, but for 900 FUT Coins you can do much better. Take a look at some of our Best Value La Liga Defenders Under 5k for better options.

8. Sebastián Coates (94 Strength)

Sporting CP - 1.1k/1k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Sebastián Coates 81 FUT Card

Coates possesses incredible 94 Strength and 84 Aggression with stellar 83 Defending. Though the 6'5'' CB seems like just a brute, he's actually quite skilled on the ball.

72 Short Passing, 70 Long Passing, 75 Reactions, and 73 Composure are just fine for a 1k Center Back. Don't expect him to be the long term solution, but Coates is decent value for the early months of FUT 21.

7. Pape Abou Cissé (94 Strength)

Olympiacos CFP - 700/850 FUT Coins

FIFA 21 Pape Abou Cissé 75 FUT Card

Another value play, this time from the Greek top flight, Cissé is a spectacular athlete. 6'6'' with 94 Strength, 80 Jumping, 80 Sprint Speed, and 88 Aggression.

He could use help on the ball, so look for an Engine chemistry style to improve his Passing and Dribbling.

6. Geoffrey Kondogbia (94 Strength)

Valencia - 850/800 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Geoffrey Kondogbia 79 FUT Card

Kondogbia has seen his name swirl in the transfer rumor mill over recent windows. He's a talented Central Midfielder capable of controlling a game with his physicality.

94 Strength, 86 Aggression, 80 Interceptions, and 80 Sliding Tackle attest to how well he breaks up opposition play. Four star Skill Moves, 86 Shot Power, and 83 Long Shots mean Kondogbia is capable of scoring the occasional goal as well.

5. Kalidou Koulibaly (94 Strength)

Napoli - 63k/58k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Kalidou Koulibaly 88 FUT Card

One of the most underrated Center Backs in world football, Koulibaly has been tracked by top clubs for good reason. 94 Strength, 82 Jumping, 87 Aggression, and 75 Pace are all great physical tools.

He's also a great tactician as his 91 Defensive Awareness rating is elite. 85 Reactions, 82 Composure, and 74 Short Passing further highlight his ability on the ball.

4. Aleksandar Vukotić (95 Strength)

Waasland-Beveren - 600 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Aleksandar Vukotić 68 FUT Card

The 6'7'' Serbian Center Back carries gargantuan 95 Strength, but his game doesn't offer much more. 31 Pace is a liability and 49 Passing with 46 Dribbling show he's not exactly skilled on the ball.

Even for just 600 FUT Coins there are much better options in defense. Especially considering the negative resale value of this silver card.

3. Romelu Lukaku (95 Strength)

Inter - 5.8k/6.8k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Lukaku 85 FUT Card

After a tumultuous time at Manchester United, Lukaku has moved on to the Italian top flight. He's always possessed elite physical traits (95 Strength, 81 Pace), it's his touch and finishing ability that have let him down at times.

For less than 7k FUT Coins this is a good Striker purchase. Four star Skill Moves and 87 Shot Power are amongst the abilities Lukaku offers.

2. Daryl Dike (96 Strength)

Orlando City FC - 450 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Daryl Dike 61 FUT Card

The 20 year old American is a behemoth of a Striker, standing 6'1'' and weighing 225 lbs. To no surprise he boasts an incredible 96 Strength rating.

74 Sprint Speed is decent for a man that large, but he needs time to develop his skills further (55 Positioning, 65 Finishing). It's a fun card to own, but check back in a year or two and see if the young American has come further along.

1. Adebayo Akinfenwa (65 Overall)

Wycombe - 10k FUT Coin (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Adebayo Akinfenwa 65 FUT Card

It's hard to believe that the strongest player in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is a 38 year old Striker, but Akinfenwa takes the top spot. 97 Strength is other worldly as it's been reported that he can benchpress 440 lbs.

He doesn't offer much else across the board, but there are bragging rights to knowing you own the strongest player in FIFA 21.

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